Metasys® building management system earns UL Certification for Smoke Control

Components now comply with revised standard for smoke control systems and equipment.

Johnson Controls announced that components of the Metasys® building management system – along with Intelligent Fire Controller (IFC) models IFC-320, IFC2-640, and IFC2-3030 – are now compliant with Underwriters Laboratories’ (UL) revised standard for Smoke Control Systems and Equipment, UL 864 UUKL 9th edition.

The new standard requires faster response in an emergency. It aligns the UL standard with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 92A for Smoke Control. Intelligent Fire Controllers are designed to locate and check the status of fire control devices within a building. Growing businesses can expand the scaleable, newly released line of IFCs with additional control panels, new devices and connectivity to other building systems.

Smoke control systems are designed to keep smoke away from exit passageways and refuge areas. When configured to integrate with a smoke control system, the Metasys system reacts to a fire emergency by adjusting air pressure in smoke-filled areas according to local codes and jurisdictions. Thus, it exhausts air from smoke zones to clear evacuation routes.

Metasys components that comply with the UL standard include Network Control Engines and Field Equipment Controllers. These devices, when configured in conjunction with other listed equipment within published guidelines and properly supervised, create a smoke control system capable of operation when life safety functionality is required. A complete guide for design and installation is available