LonMark International enjoyed co-hosting the hugely successful Green Intelligent Buildings Conference in Baltimore, earlier this month. Engineered Systems, partnered with LonMark in an effort to bring the latest in green, energy efficient control system design to a targeted audience of building owners, developers, and facility managers, as well as mechanical, electrical, and operating engineers.

The conference featured numerous industry leaders and experts, who presented on topics such as “The Role of Controls in Green & Sustainable Buildings,” “Lighting Control,” and “Energy and Demand Response.”

The knowledge and expertise of the speakers were strong determining factors in guaranteeing the success, integrity, and quality of the event. Additionally, the conference saw a record-breaking number of attendees, which confirms continued growth in the interest and validation of green intelligent buildings.

“The Green Intelligent Building Conference was well attended and full of rich content. This turned out to be a great forum for attendees to network and to hear about important new developments affecting the way buildings are being impacted by energy, emerging technologies, and changes in legislation,” said Barry Haaser, senior director, LonWorks Infrastructure Business, Echelon Corporation, and board member of LonMark International and LonMark Americas.

Besides co-hosting the highly educational two-day conference, LonMark International also offered its first-ever Professional Certification Training Class. The class was a full day of intense training in preparation for the LonMark Professional Certified Test, which took place the following day.  The training class was an immense success and was sold out within a couple of weeks following the announcement.

LonMark’s newly developed one-day training program is part of LonMark’s ongoing educational services, and will be available at trade shows and industry events along with the LonMark Professional Certification Testing Program. Visit www.lonmark.org for more information.

“The conference provided me with an enormous opportunity to learn more about government-sponsored energy programs, demand response strategies, and the political and technical environment surrounding the green buildings movement. I was able to network with industry experts, from both the supplier and enduser communities, to gain a better understanding of the opportunities that exist. Overall, a great conference! I would highly recommend anyone in this industry to attend in the future,” said Tracy Markie, president of Engenuity Systems, and chairman of LonMark International and LonMark Americas.