Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson announced the schedule for a series of seminars it is offering in collaboration with Dell entitled “Smart Growth Strategies for Data Centers.”   The informative, interactive seminar is designed to help organizations increase the performance and efficiency of their data centers, which are increasingly being constrained by power, cooling and space limitations while experiencing rising energy costs.

The seminar focuses on eliminating the constraints to IT growth through the use of higher-performance, energy-efficient servers and optimal cooling and power management. It provides lessons learned from real-world customer implementations and is tailored to individuals who have responsibility for IT system performance and availability, including CIOs and their direct reports, IT management, and data center and facility managers.

“The seminars provide an opportunity for industry experts and users to address the issues constraining IT growth and share best practices and proven business strategies,” said Jerry Patton, vice president of sales, Liebert, Emerson Network Power. “This is just the latest example of how Emerson Network Power and Dell are working together to help the industry enhance data center efficiency and performance.”

The two companies recently introduced The Dell-Liebert Energy Smart Solutions, which combine Dell’s PowerEdge Energy Smart servers with Liebert XD and Liebert DS cooling systems to maximize data center performance, density and efficiency. Compared to previous generation Dell servers and legacy cooling technologies, these solutions can deliver an 80% increase in performance and a 42% reduction in facility power, while maintaining high levels of business continuity and availability.

For the complete schedule and locations of the seminars, visit http://dell4.liebert.com.