Humidity is one of the more difficult measurements to make and has been known to cause problems across many varied industries.  Problems that may be caused by humidity can range from a minor nuisance to a major plant shutdown.  The first step toward dealing with and compensating for the problems caused by humidity is to understand the properties and definitions so that a proper, reliable, and repeatable measurement can be obtained.

In a national effort to help the industrial community cope with issues caused by humidity, Vaisala is offering Humidity Measurement Educational Seminars in eleven cities around the country during 2008.  This will be the fourth year that Vaisala has offered the seminars and attendance continues to increase each year.  The seminar is designed to be educational in nature and covers such topics as humidity definitions and theory, psychrometrics, calibration, good measurement practice, and specific training on the use of the Vaisala HUMICAP® humidity technology.  Past attendees report that one of the best aspects of the course is the real life application examples and the practical case studies provided by the Vaisala Engineers who teach the classes.

“The seminars have been exceedingly popular throughout the HVAC and industrial communities and many of the participants are able to take the knowledge back to their workplace and make immediate improvements based on a much better understanding of this elusive and troublesome parameter, humidity,” said Bruce McDuffee, Vaisala’s North American marketing manager.

The seminar is a one-day course and there is no charge to attend, however, seating is limited and offered on a first come first served basis.  For more information about the details, schedule and cities visit and click on “Humidity Seminars.”