Company growth reflects increase in product demand and commitment to the environment reflected in carbon emission reduction.

Multistack LLC broke ground to expand its current manufacturing facility by 50,000 additional sq ft, and also announced that it is the first HVAC manufacturer to achieve “carbon neutral” status in the United States.

The new expansion nearly doubles the company’s current manufacturing assembly area in Sparta, WI. “Our new addition will help us meet new customer needs by allowing us to expand our current testing capability to accommodate larger chillers,” said Multistack president and CEO Mark Platt. “We’ll be able to increase our testing capabilities from 150 tons to 400 tons, and, as a result, will continue to offer the best products possible to our customers.”

Multistack’s facility expansion reflects the company’s profitable growth. Since 1989, the year Multistack started production in the U.S., the company has sustained an annual growth rate of 25%. In the last five years alone, Multistack has more than quadrupled production and revenues. “Our growth represents the acceptance of our products throughout the world as our customers increasingly recognize the value of modular chillers for their air conditioning and critical cooling needs,” said Multistack Chairman Charles Kenyon. “We’ve also seen increased interest in the environmental sustainability of our products.”

When a company is carbon neutral, the CO2 emissions from its daily activities and operation are offset by carbon reducing projects located elsewhere, like wind farms and methane capture projects “Carbon emissions are quickly becoming the measure of environmental performance for businesses,” said Platt. “Companies that focus on carbon emissions realize the benefits of working with others who have similar goals. Knowing Multistack is aware of the environmental issues facing businesses today gives added assurance its products are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind.”