Lynxspring, Inc. announced the availability of JENE-PCLCD, JENEsys™ PC Series LCD Operator’s Panel, which is designed to be used together with the JENEsys™ PC1000/6000 or Tridium’s JACE 2/6.  The operator panel gives users access to parameters without communicating directly to the BAS system.

Additionally, it is used to monitor status, adjust setpoints, view and acknowledge alarms, set schedules and perform other functions as required by the user. All values are displayed with explanatory text in the alphanumeric display window.

“The LCD came out at the perfect time to suit a need of a customer,” said Chris Favre, chief engineer at EMCS, Inc, a Lynxspring business partner.  “We’ve utilized the LCD in a small building control solution for fast-food restaurants.  Corporate wanted to limit Web access, yet still give local users read-only access.  We needed an interface to show local users quickly what is happening with their control system, while segregating them from the control panel and Web.  Not only does the JENE-PCLCD have to ability to tout a Web interface, the JENE-PCLCD allows quick and easy access to system pages and points for even the least skilled operator. We custom define our screens to serve only read-only data for quick reference of alarm conditions, and monitored points.”

The JENE-PCLCD provides complete control of equipment without using a PC and the terminology can be defined by the developer.  Lynxspring will showcase JENE-PCLCD at the AHR Expo at booth 173, January 22-24, 2008.

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