Discover Brilliant International Conference and Expo, to be held September 17-19, 2007, is now accepting nominations for their Brilliant Awards. The Brilliant Awards will honor firms who best demonstrate the true marriage of economics, environment, and security in buildings, business, utilities, communities, and transportation.

The three categories are Projects, Technologies, and a Lifetime Achievement Award. Future leaders, selected through a regional essay contest, will deliver the awards to honor those firms who are making the kind of decisions that will leave a strong sustainable economy as a legacy to the next generation. One of the five categories of awards focused toward project owners is the Brilliant Building – a building that demonstrates the marriage of economic value on metrics that matter; environmental soundness in building and site; and a more secure, less risky asset.  

"We've predicted that an explosion around energy, clean technology and sustainability was just right around the corner.  Now that it has arrived, smart companies are focusing on where things are going, who stands to gain and how to position their firm or region," says P.S. Reilly, CEO of the Athena Media Group and expert in this emerging sector.

"But we're in an economic world, and to mainstream sustainability we have to strive beyond green to truly Brilliant solutions that make sense because they are economically valuable, environmentally sound and more stable and secure."

In order to truly build the sustainable economy, the focus of Discover Brilliant is creating more value with less impact across communities, businesses, buildings, utilities and transportation. Day 1 will build a picture of the landscape- what are those passions, politics and possibilities that will shape the world in which we live? The second day focuses on the specific steps and implementations. The third day will feature a series of roundtable summits that will allow leaders to explore critical topics.

An expo and job fair will run in parallel. Discover Brilliant 2007 will be held at the Sheraton Seattle and the Washington State Convention & Trade Center from September 17 to 19, 2007. For more information,