Building Automation Product, Inc. will show its Decora Style room unit.

It’s that time of year again. We invite AHR Expo exhibitors to tell us what’s new since last year. We whittle their releases into manageable portions. You get to do a little recon before you reach New York about which booths to put on your convention center dance card. Pack this along with your comfy shoes, and you’ll be ready to roam the aisles.


Protec’sFWS Series’ single-, double-, and multi-cell cooling tower configurations are designed for commercial, institutional, and industrial loads. All major components of the series have been developed to ensure maximum efficiency with low energy consumption, according to the manufacturer. Other features include a cross-flow design for ease of maintenance and a small footprint.


The HUMICAP® Series HMD/W/60/70 humidity and temperature transmitters fromVaisalafeature 4 to 20mA loop powered or voltage inputs, +2% rh accuracy, and on-site calibration. The HUMICAP is available in three models: U, humidity only; Y, humidity and temperature; and T, temperature only.

Building Automation Products, showing its low-profile Decora Style room unit, which fits inside a Decora Style wall plate. It features measurement and display of local temperature with optional pushbutton setpoint adjustment. The room temperature is shown on an easy-to-read LCD in either °F or °C (field selectable via front pushbuttons for setpoint models). The setpoint values are transmitted as resistive values for easy configuration with the controller. The sensor and setpoint outputs can be configured for “common ground” or “differential” controller inputs.

The 2.5-ton DryMAX system from Vital Technologies, Inc. will be featured.


The 2.5-ton DryMAX system fromVital Technologies, Inc.will be featured. The DryMAX system removes up to 14 lb of water/hr and dehumidifies in heating, cooling, and neutral air modes. The system is available in ducted or ductless mini-split style indoor units that are paired with air cooled or water cooled condensing units, and the coils are coated, making it suitable for retrofit or new construction.

ProTech will highlight its full line of venting products to effectively manage condensate at the show.


ProTechwill highlight its full line of venting products to effectively manage condensate in single and multiple high-efficiency appliance applications. Products include pitch assist vent lengths that are rotated and adjusted to provide ¼- to ½-in. pitch in the horizontal branch tees above the boilers; tees of various lengths that feature 4 in. horizontal adjustability to each other, fully welded seams, which are air and water tight by design and permanent; and right and left expandable concentric, allowing connection to most tankless water heaters regardless of orientation of air intake on the appliance and wall thickness. 

ProTech will also showcase its products for 3- to 24-in. dia systems that are available in its FasNSeal® and FasNSeal® W2 product lines; boot tees that facilitate the use of longer runs and provide up to 40% less pressure drop than normal tees; and the company’s completely welded tees, a feature found in its 3 to 10-in. dia tees in both single- and double-wall construction.

EDC International will feature its Micropump II condensate pump.

EDC International will feature its Micropump II condensate pump, which is designed to fit inside a split system ductless A/C unit to quietly pump all the condensate to a drain. Equipped with the company’s AquaSensor© water sensor, having no moving parts or mechanical floats allows more flexibility in positioning the pump. Other features include Electronic Noise Control©; a removable, cleanable filter; up to 3.17 gal/hr of condensate removal; up to 50 ft vertical discharge; and up to 100 ft horizontal discharge.

The Mini Blue pump from Charles Austen Pumps will be featured.

Using the same Rotary Diaphragm technology asCharles Austen Pumps’successful Blue Diamond, the Mini Blue offers a compact and lightweight design in what is touted as the only miniature pump that can quietly self prime and run both wet and dry. MiniBlue not only retrofits into existing trunking but can also be sited remotely anywhere around the air handler. Also new, and designed for use in condensing boilers, the compact RD01 reduces siting difficulties and reduces flood risks by not allowing the condensate to build up before dispensing it to drain.


Tridiumwill preview its new Sedona Framework™ and have on display their new JACE® family of touch screen embedded controllers. Complementing Tridium’s NiagaraAX Framework®, Sedona is an open source software development framework that provides a complete platform for developing, connecting, and managing small, low-level embedded devices. Adding to this, the company will be demonstrating the latest version of Niagara and Niagara Security 1.1, the company’s open, Web-based security management solution.

Reliable Controls® will showcase its MACH-ProSys™.


Reliable Controls®will showcase its MACH-ProSys™, a 32-bit based BACnet® high-performance building controller. The MACH-ProSys™ provides high-speed 10/100 Ethernet; SMART-Net communications; 12 inputs and eight outputs; and protocol support for BACnet, RCP, and Modbus RTU, and TCP. The MACHProSys controller database allows users to define up to 160 universal I/O on a single address. Additional I/O points are added to the MACHProSys using convenient MACH-ProPoint™ I/O expansion modules. Up to seven MACH-ProPoint™ expansion modules can be added to each MACHProSys controller.

Alertonwill feature its updated VAViH-SD BACnet controller. Preset, user-configurable DDC DIP switches facilitate setup by enabling users to select preinstalled DDC applications. An integrated direct-coupled, brushless Honeywell actuator offers high reliability and low maintenance. An additional binary output and an additional universal analog input with jumper increase the VAViH’s capacity and configuration options. Presenting a convenient option for retrofits, the unit’s integrated actuator is left or right mountable and is replaceable with common tools. The VAViH also features a sleek, updated design.


The new AEGIS SGR™ Conductive MicroFiber™ shaft grounding brush fromElectro Static Technologyis designed to improve the reliability of HVACR systems by dramatically extending motor life, according to the manufacturer. Unlike conventional shaft grounding brushes, which wear out quickly and lose their effectiveness, the AEGIS SGR’s conductive microfibers work with virtually no friction or wear and last for the life of the motor, with no rpm limitations.  The AEGIS SGR is easily installed by sliding the brush over either end of the motor shaft and locking it in place with simple screw-on mounting brackets.

ebm-papst Inc., will exhibit the HRG134 combustion air blower.


ebm-papst Inc. will exhibit the HRG134 combustion air blower, specifically designed for oil-fired condensing boilers.  The HRG134 features a compact design, and the ability to achieve a very high-pressure range while attaining low power consumption - resulting in significant energy-savings.

Aerco will introduce its Modulex line of light commercial condensing boilers.


AERCOwill be introducing its AERCO Modulex line of light commercial condensing boilers, available in six different sizes. Each Modulex boiler combines between two and seven independent, 151,500 Btuh, pre-assembled thermal modules housed in a common enclosure. If a single module requires maintenance or repair, the other module(s) in the boiler can maintain the system load requirements. Equipped with a boiler communications module (BCM) to enhance communications and support BAS integration, the units are CSA-approved for propane installations and for breech venting of multiple units through a ceiling or sidewall.

Cleaver-Brooks will showcase product enhancements to its CB Hawk ICS.

Cleaver-Brooks will be displaying product enhancements to its advanced integrated boiler control system, CB Hawk ICS. The latest upgrade - Stack Draft Control - helps boilers reduce draft losses and balance drafts when the boiler is off-line. Another key benefit of the CB Hawk ICS is seamless integration into an existing BAS.

Also from the company, its Model CFV is a commercial single-pass steam or hot water vertical boiler. UL and cUL approved sizes range from 10 to 40 hp.  Utilizing a premix burner, the CFV provides NOx levels <30 ppm, noise emission <70 dBA, 4:1 turndown and operating at 85% efficiency.

Bryan Steam will showcase its Compliance+® HE-AB Series boiler.

Bryan Steam will introduce a new high-efficiency Compliance+® HE-AB Series boiler at the AHR Expo.  The new boiler is equipped with the new Power Flame NOVA Plus™ II Ultra Low NOx gas surner capable of achieving sub 9 ppm.  This new burner features a unique metallic fiber mesh head design for reliable and consistent performance and a guaranteed combustion efficiency of 85%.  Bryan will also exhibit a Compliance+® RV Series Low NOx (sub 30 ppm) boiler, which is available in eight sizes up to 8,000 MButh input. A tray-type deaerator and Bryan Boiler Feed Water System will also be presented.


Heat-Timer Corporationhas consolidated its entire line of popular boiler sequencing controls into just two easy-to-order controls: the SQ Elite-8T  (for temperature applications), and the SQ Elite-8S (for steam applications). The new SQ Elite enclosure is small and well-suited for light commercial applications. The SQ Elite series incorporates many features that are field programmable, including operation modes and outdoor reset control. The base SQ control can operate up to eight boiler stages. Control capability can be expanded via Heat-Timer’s SQ-EXT Extension Modules, making it possible to control up to 24 stages.

Cleaver-Brooks will be helping facilities reduce their carbon footprint through the introduction of its new line of green gas, light oil, and combination fuel burners at this year’s Expo. Pro-Fire V offers up to 10:1 turndown on natural gas, as well as the option for sub-30 ppm operation throughout the firing range. It’s well suited for use with water tube boilers in commercial and industrial applications, showing solid performance at emissions levels of less than 30 ppm NOx, and less than 20 ppm NOx on selected applications. Other features include a unique air damper design for optimal flow control, quiet operation, and ISO 9001 certification.

Rawal Devices APR-410 control will be showcased at the Expo.


The new APR-410 Control from exhibitorRawal Devices Inc. provides full capacity modulation for all sizes of direct-expansion air conditioning systems that use R-410A non-ozone-depleting hydrofluorocarbon refrigerant.  The unit continuously and automatically matches A/C system capacity/output to changing load conditions, and improved humidity control without overcooling the space.  The APR-410 Control also permits multiple-evaporator zoning with a single condensing unit, even for out-of-the-way or oddly shaped areas with widely differing load conditions, and it’s intended to be ideal for VAV systems where fluctuating or reduced airflow across the evaporator can cause coil icing. 


Daikin AC (Americas), Inc.looks to make a splash at this year’s show with its VRV® III, featuring 460V three-phase power supply, larger capacity up to 20 tons, connection up to 41 indoor units from one piping network, and excellent part-load efficiency performance. It is said to offer advanced zoning capability, the longest piping length in the VRF segment, and the company’s inverter compressor technology, while fitting flush in a 2-by-2 ft ceiling grid. The VRV III system is designed to answer larger-scale building application needs and directly compete with traditional central plant technology.

Danfoss will be at the show with its extended line of brazed plate heat exchangers.


Danfosswill be at the show with its extended line of brazed plate heat exchangers, built for settings such as the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical process industries, in indirect and direct air compressors, and in commercial refrigeration applications. Model B3-048 is designed with a special patent of different corrugation depth on the same plate. With a capacity of 30 to 80 kW, this model allows a larger water flow rate, lower pressure rate drop and lower refrigerant charge. Model B3-260 is the ideal choice for HVAC and chillers, while the entire line can also be used for heat pumps, economizers, and de-superheaters.

MovinCool will feature its Office Pro 63 for heat-sensitive server/telecom equipment.


MovinCool will promote its Office Pro 63, offering 59,500 ETL-verified Btuh of cooling, keeping heat-sensitive server / telecom equipment operating by providing air-conditioning down to 65°F. With a 5-ton model at 208/230V and now the Office Pro 63 at 460V, three-Phase, MovinCool provides two options, both include a condensate pump kit, making continuous operation simple and efficient. The Office Pro 63 also features a programmable digital controller for automatic operation after-hours and on weekends and a two-speed fan to control airflow. No costly installation required, users can roll in the unit, plug it in, and turn it on.

The 318-V inspection scope with video output by testo, Inc. will be showcased.


The 318-V inspection scope with video output by testo, Inc.,features a miniature imaging sensor at the tip of a 42-in. flexible shaft; rugged construction to resist most solvents, including oil and water; and provides crystal clear images which are transmitted via the shaft to the 2.5-in., full color LCD screen.ES