I was pleased to read the responses to my recent letter toES(and contribution to AutomatedBuildings.com, titled “Technology Contracting: The Future is Now”). So often, our technology forums lack input from representatives of our endusers. This open and frank feedback is, I believe, an indication of a vital and growing industry that is ready to move forward.

Consultants, manufacturers, and owners all have differences in the way they view the roadmap that will lead us to the intelligent, integrated buildings the industry has been proposing for decades.

Is a technology contractor the same thing as a systems integrator? Can a technology contractor assume the role of systems architect outside of a design/build environment?

We will only make progress when we address these issues head-on. Johnson Controls has, and will continue to work with its customers, large and small, to design and implement totally integrated building systems that provide a comfortable, safe and sustainable environment. We are excited to be a part of this industry at such a dynamic time.

On a final note, I am happy to report that as of my last communication with Mr. Rollow, he and the local branch office of Johnson Controls have resumed discussions on his needs.  

Terry Hoffmann
Director of Marketing, Building Automation Systems
Johnson Controls, Inc.