Stellar has recently entered the spiral freezer market to include design, engineering, fabrication, installation, and maintenance.

At Stellar, its Freezing Systems division has developed a comprehensive spiral freezer program that focuses on productivity, high capacity, efficiency, food safety and flexible designs committed to optimizing limited floor space. Each unit built is customizable to a variety of markets within the food industry such as meat, ready-to-eat meals and entrees, produce, poultry, seafood, bakery and dairy markets.

Chuck Taylor, Stellar’s senior vice president of mechanical services stated, “Our venture into the spiral freezer market is not new since we have been servicing these systems for over 20 years.”  He later added, “It was a combination of our customer’s requests, internal knowledge base and the desire to deliver food industry best solutions that drove us to build spiral freezers.”

To meet the team’s initial goals, design efforts, fabrication, assembly, material selection and industry knowledge all played important parts in the development of   Stellar’ spiral freezer.  Fabricated in Jacksonville, FL, the new spiral freezer is designed for sanitation through the use of stainless steel, a fully welded enclosure and the elimination of food traps.  Beginning with the idea of exceeding existing operational standards for food processors, each one of Stellar’s spiral freezers is precisely engineered per the customer’s specifications and productivity requirements.