Dewberry, a nationally recognized emergency management firm, announced that the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has awarded Partnership for Response and Recovery (PaRR) a four and a half-year, $750-million performance-based professional, administrative, and management support services contract.

PaRR, a joint venture between Dewberry and URS, will continue serving FEMA’s Response and Recovery Division with housing inspection and management support services. The rapid deployment of these services provides much needed assistance to the many victims displaced and impacted by disasters throughout the United States and its territories.

Dewberry and its joint venture partner were originally awarded a contract for these services in 2001. Under the previous contract, PaRR assisted FEMA with over 100 disaster events and completed more than 2.5 million housing inspections. During the 2005 hurricane season PaRR successfully managed the deployment of over 2,900 housing inspectors and completed over one million housing inspections, the largest successful response within the history of the housing assistance program.