The electric grid with all its components is among the most complex engineered system known to humankind. It is a system composed of many subsystems managed by independent parties bound only by a general set of rules and practices. The GridWise™ Expo is focused on evolving the technology and issues related to the implementation of the smart electric grid.

The event, sponsored by the DOE and Clasma Events, Inc., will take place during GridWeek 2007 in Washington, DC, April 23-26, 2007. With a global focus on energy, the DOE is partnering with Clasma to hold the first event bringing together technology players involved in grid modernization, and focus on the role that technology can play in the U.S. energy problem.

Highlights include: Event held in DC to create visibility of grid modernization to regulatory and policy makers
High-level federal/state government and commercial speakers at keynotes and working sessions
The first ever “State of the Grid Keynote” by a top DOE official
The first GridWeek Dinner to network and recognize stakeholders in grid modernization

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