In either my first or second AHR Expo, I brought a new pair of dress shoes. That’s a  mistake you make exactly once. Yet, we’re getting close to the next pair of AHR and ASHRAE events, so if you’re going, it’s time to start breaking in any footwear you might want to pack, and also to consider how to fill your schedule in Dallas.

Beyond The Miles Of Aisles

Ashrae Agenda

When I’m lucky, the ASHRAE meeting and the AHR Expo are held in the same facility. This year, I’m not that lucky. However, ASHRAE is trying something new this year, in the form of ana la cartemenu of seminars at the Convention Center on both Monday and Tuesday.

ASHRAE traditionally offers an open session at the Expo site, but now they’re bringing over a hefty slate of 16 seminars from its Winter Meeting’s technical program (which otherwise is taking place at the Adam’s Mark Hotel). Sounds like a good way to coax some attendees to break up their aisle-wandering with a few spells of engineering expertise and interrogation. Monday’s offerings cover everything from vibration control to kitchen hoods to heat pumps for schools. Not to mention a Distinguished Lecturer presentation titled to appeal to the dark side of engineers’ hearts: “Worse Practice Lessons for Future Quality.”

Tuesday''s topics range from IAQ to system control, and feature another ES author, Kansas State’s Richard B. Hayter, Ph.D., P.E., with a lecture on “The Future Of An Engergized HVAC&R Industry.”

AHR attendees who don’t register for the ASHRAE meeting can still attend any of these 16 on-site seminars for the cost of $75/day. More info Did I mention you get to sit down?


A downside of this nonstop few days is that the schedule is always short on time for exploring offerings particular to a given host city. If you came from out of town to attend this event in Dallas before - or when you travel to any business function, really - how often do you make time to get beyond the function, the hotel, and maybe a convenient restaurant? The schedule is often too cramped or travel plans too tight for much of it.

This time, I’m hoping to take in some local flavor, literally, in the form of a swing by Sonny’s Barbeque, an establishment with a fine reputation. How about you?

Whether you’re checking out the professional festivities in Dallas or you’re off the clock, start the new year by building in a little time for a detour.