The USGBC has been accredited as an official Standards Developing Organization by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). "We're pleased to have achieved this important designation," said Rick Fedrizzi, president, CEO and founding chair, USGBC.

"USGBC has been dedicated to openness, transparency and consensus throughout all of our programs since our founding more than 12 years ago, and being recognized as an ANSI accredited standards developer acknowledges our commitment."

"USGBC's recognition as an ANSI-accredited standards developer underscores the priority we place on being equitable, accessible and responsive to the requirements of our many stakeholders," said Kris Prendergast, vice president, Governance and Organization Development, USGBC.

USGBC began working with ANSI processes through the organization's partnership with ASHRAE and the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) on the development of Standard 189p, in which effort the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is also a partner. With a target completion date of late-2007, Standard 189p will be an ANSI standard, and will set the baseline for high performance green buildings in the commercial marketplace. USGBC applied to become an ANSI-accredited standards developer last year.

Prendergast noted, "Inclusiveness and transparency are among USGBC's Guiding Principles. Our participation in and accreditation by ANSI honors those principles."