Engineered Systems, and BNP Media will provide attendees with a great opportunity to delve into the ins and outs of commissioning on October 13, 2006, in Sturbridge, MA. The event, entitled, "Need To Know: Owners' Commissioning & TAB Seminar" will take place at the Sturbridge Host Hotel and Conference Center located on picturesque Cedar Lake in the heart of Sturbridge, MA. It will provide answers to questions like: How do you shop intelligently for commissioning (Cx) services? What is the full commissioning process, anyway? And what about getting what you should from testing and balancing (TAB)?

From the design phase to assuming occupancy, attendees will learn how to work with - and organize - the Cx and TAB personnel through the project to achieve the system performance owners expect. Conducted by ES contributing editor Howard McKew, P.E., C.P.E., this event will hit on topics including:

  • What Cx is
  • What Cx is not
  • What an RFP should look like (with a take home copy of a RFP)
  • What systems should be Cx'd
  • Should a Cx firm have certified engineers?
  • Should a Cx firm be a member of some commissioning organization?
  • There are no industry standards for Cx
  • It is not a cure all for projects
  • What to do if Cx starts in the design phase
  • What to do if Cx starts in the construction phase

For more information, visit, or call 1-888-530-6714.