Clasma Events Inc. the organizers of the BuilConn, M2M Expo & Conference and GridWise, announced the launch of European ConnectivityWeek™. The annual event will be held on October 3-5, 2006, at The RAI Congress Center Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and continues the momentum built at the North American ConnectivityWeek™ that was held in Palm Springs, CA in May 2006.

ConnectivityWeek™ are global events held in key market regions to promote the development of device centric connectivity for 21st century's growth of the Internet. European ConnectivityWeek™ is the home of BuilConn, the M2M Expo, and GridWise and will make the connections between each other's perspectives to enrich businesses in new ways. The event is structured to provide many networking opportunities allowing all participants to meet individuals from other disciplines, maybe a new customer, supplier or a new partner.

"Convergence is to the key word for this event, for in each area of focus, building systems, machine-to-machine and GridWise, there is significant convergence with the information technology world in regards to the technologies as well as industry growth, business development and best practices," Anto Budiardjo, Clasma's president and CEO said. "The pervasive Internet is evolving before our very eyes in all of these industries."

It is the combination of these events that brings new vistas of opportunities to attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and presenters at European ConnectivityWeek™. All wishing to explore how the synergies between these subjects, all with a common thread of device-centric connectivity, can be weaved into powerful implementation propositions for the Internet in our every day lives. For more information, visit