Clasma Events Inc., the company behindBuilConn,M2M Expo,Wi-tivity,GridWise Expo, and theibX Forum, recently announced a new event:ZigBee Expo. ZigBee Expo is endorsed by the ZigBee Alliance and focuses on cost-effective, low-power, wirelessly networked, monitoring and control products and solutions used in homes, commercial buildings and industrials plants around the world.

ZigBee Expo will be part of the ConnectivityWeek conference series held  annually in North America (May 22-24, 2007), Europe (October 2-4, 2007), and Asia-Pacific (November 19-21, 2007). Members of the ZigBee Alliance will run a conference track during ConnectivityWeek covering the technology and its application in commercial and residential buildings.

ConnectivityWeeks are global events held in key market regions to promote the development of device centric connectivity for 21st century's growth of the pervasive Internet. Every ConnectivityWeek gathers together vertical and horizontal subjects that have one common theme; connectivity.

“As a long time supporter of BuilConn and ConnectivityWeek, ZigBee is pleased to be working with Clasma to promote greater awareness of the numerous benefits offered by ZigBee,” said Bob Heile, chairman of the ZigBee Alliance. “Wireless building automation offers numerous cost savings opportunities while increasing comfort and safety. And since ZigBee works in every country around the world, ZigBee Expo offers everyone a great opportunity to learn.”

Wireless has been part of ConnectivityWeek and BuilConn since 2004. The addition of the ZigBee Expo further drives home the importance of wireless in the development of converged buildings, which is a key part of ConnectivityWeek.

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