Echelon Corporation,the creator of the LonWorks® device networking platform recently announced that the first ever UPnP™ Summit in China will be held in conjunction with the LonWorks developers conference at the2004 LonWorld® Exhibition and Conferencein Shanghai, China on October 20-21, 2004. The sponsorship arrangement with the UPnP Implementers Committee, organizers of the summit, and the non-profit corporation that promotes the adoption of UPnP technology by manufacturers of hardware and software products, has created a unique opportunity for manufacturers, integrators, and endusers in the commercial and home automation industries to learn more about UPnP and LonWorks technologies in one event.

Attendees of either the UPnP Summit or the Conference at the LonWorld event will receive a joint Summit/Conference pass that grants them access to the LonWorld exhibit space, a LonWorld Conference pass, and UPnP Summit pass.

More information about the Summit and UPnP technology can be found at and