Emerson Climate Technologies, a business of Emerson recently announced the 2004-2005 schedule for its E2 Facility Management System Training Seminars. Provided by Emerson's Educational Services, the two-day seminar for installers and technicians focuses on the refrigeration and building-control equipment developed by Emerson's Computer Process Controls. Seminars will be held at Computer Process Controls' Atlanta facility and other selected locations throughout North America.

These informative, hands-on seminars are designed to give technicians an in-depth understanding of system programming, component optimization, preventative maintenance and hardware configuration. There are currently two different seminars available: One focused on refrigeration control (RX) and the other on building control (BX). There are also plans to add a third seminar in late 2005 focusing on convenience store applications.

For more information, or to register for the E2 Facility Management System Training Seminars, call 770-425-2724 or visit www.emersonclimate.com/education.