In order to provide a single source for BACnet activities and information, and engage the whole BACnet community,the BACnet Interest Group - North America (BIG-NA) and the BACnet Manufacturers Association (BMA)have joined to formBACnet International.This new organization will count among its members building owners, facility managers, manufacturers, consulting engineers, system integrators, and all entities interested in the promotion of BACnet products, projects and best practices. Interest groups will still exist under the new structure with such focuses as interoperability, education, and marketing. The new organization will also continue to focus on testing and certification of products through the BACnet Testing Laboratory.

"This is a great opportunity," commented Carl Ruther, president of the BIG-NA. "It will provide a wonderful forum for end users and engineers to network and exchange ideas, stay educated on current technology and application issues, and actually influence the direction of the standard by expressing their needs."

"The BMA and BIG-NA have been operating separately over the past several years with great success in promoting the BACnet standard, creating the BACnet Testing Laboratory, and educating the industry," said Eric Craton, president of the BMA. "We felt by joining forces we could more strongly articulate and demonstrate the value of open systems to the industry. Bringing these groups together also allows us to accelerate the development of tools and test processes that facilitate interoperable products and systems."

BACnet International expects to begin accepting memberships after the first of the year. Individuals or organizations interested in joining can contact BMA at 617-426-6956 or e-mail