Clasma, Inc.recently announced that a series of regional seminars targeting the consulting, specifying, and in-house engineer will tour North America this fall to educate this unique sector of the buildings industry on how convergence, open systems, and whole building integration will directly impact their profession, their business, and them personally.

Organized as a partnership between Clasma, Inc. and Consulting-Specifying Engineer, BuilSpec sets out to serve the engineers who have recently seen a significant change occurring in their role due to the adoption of new technologies and business trends. In an unbiased manner, BuilSpec will shed light on the upsurge of these new technologies and trends and how their inherent benefits can be utilized to ensure the success of the consulting specifying engineer as well as the building owner and operator. BuilSpec will present immediately useful information as well as a perspective of what is likely to happen in the years to come as the future of buildings is redefined.

The BuilSpec seminars will take the firm position that the industry must accept open systems as the preferred method of integration because of its inherent benefits. BuilSpec will bring forth arguments as to why open systems is desirable and how engineers can best leverage this for their buildings.

Utilizing extensive resources assembled through the development of its sister event, BuilConn, BuilSpec will draw from a vast pool of expert resources representing all facets of the buildings industry. Where BuilConn is an annual industry gathering to decipher the future of intelligent, integrated buildings, BuilSpec takes that message directly to the engineering community informing them on how such industry trends will impact specifying and designing building systems.

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