Clasma, Inc.,organizers ofBuilConnconferences for the networked building systems industry, recently announced that their newest event,BuilConn Europe, will be cosponsored by theOASIS international standard consortium. BuilConn Europe, to be held in Brussels October 26-28, 2004, will also host the first face-to-face meeting of the new OASIS Open Building Information Exchange (oBIX) Technical Committee and will feature information on oBIX standardization efforts in its program.

"oBIX has its roots in BuilConn 2003, when controls companies and integrators began a conversation about sharing information with the Enterprise," said Toby Considine, chair of the OASIS oBIX Technical Committee, "We're pleased with the opportunity to extend that conversation in Europe. oBIX provides a bridge linking building controls professionals-BuilConn attendees-- with the IT industry-the developers that provide today's enterprise systems."

Members of the OASIS oBIX Technical Committee are currently working to define a standard Web services protocol to enable communications between building mechanical and electrical systems, and enterprise applications. This protocol will enable facilities and their operations to be managed as full participants in knowledge-based businesses. BuilConn Europe attendees will be encouraged to join the oBIX effort.

"XML and Web services technologies offer great potential for whole building integration," noted Karl Best, vice president of OASIS. "OASIS welcomes the opportunity to educate as well as learn from the attendees of BuilConn Europe. Working together, we can define a standard method to enable mechanical and electrical systems in facilities and buildings to communicate with enterprise applications. Everyone stands to gain from this."

BuilConn is the only gathering of industry stakeholders representing the numerous disciplines within the realm of the networked building systems industry that provides a comprehensive view of the technologies and solutions enabling whole building integration. The three day conference and exhibition blends technical and application-oriented presentations with invaluable networking opportunities preparing today's Building Systems Professionals for the rapidly changing integration environment.