The nonprofit NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) (Quincy, MA) recently announced a call for members for several of its technical committees. More than 250 technical committees, each with volunteers from a balance of affected interests, are responsible for developing and revising NFPA's 300 consensus codes and standards.

NFPA technical committees develop the initial draft of each code/standard that has been approved for development by the NFPA Standards Council. The drafts are then made public for interested parties to review and submit proposals to be included in the document. After reviewing proposals, the committee incorporates comments and publishes the Report on Proposals, which again is commented on by the public. Then, after more tweaking, each technical committee compiles the Report on Comments which is presented to NFPA's membership for voting.

To ensure that no single interest group is represented by more than one-third of any technical committee, members are classified by categories, including: applied research/testing laboratory, consumer, enforcing authority, installer/maintainer, insurance, labor, manufacturer, special expert and user.

NFPA is seeking applicants for the following technical committees in the categories specified as follows:

  • Committee on Chimneys, Fireplaces, and Venting Systems for Heat-Producing Appliances: Consumer, enforcing authority and installer/maintainer.
  • Committee on Combustible Metals and Metal Dusts: All categories except manufacturer, special expert and user.
  • Committee on Emergency Service Organization Risk Management: All categories.
  • Committee on Fine Aerosol Extinguishing Technology: All categories.
  • Committee on Fire Protection for Nuclear Facilities: All categories except special expert and user.
  • Committee on Fire Service Training: Enforcing authority, special expert and user.
  • Committee on Garages and Parking Structures: All categories except manufacturers and users.
  • Committee on Hazard and Risk of Contents and Furnishings: Consumer, enforcing authority, installer/maintainer and user.
  • Committee on Hazardous Chemicals: All categories except manufacturer and special expert.
  • Committee on Internal Combustion Engines: All categories except manufacturing.
  • Committee on Liquid Fuel Burning Equipment: Insurer and user.
  • Committee on Manufacture of Organic Coatings: Enforcing authority and insurer.
  • Committee on Public Fire Educator Professional Qualifications: User.
  • Committee on Solvent Extraction Plants: Enforcing authority, insurer and (equipment) manufacturer.
  • Committee on Water Spray Fixed Systems: Enforcing authority.

Applicants should have an understanding of NFPA's Codes and Standards development process. Details on committee responsibilities and applications can be obtained by visiting or calling NFPA's Codes and Standards Administration at 617-984-7246.