HVAC engineers seeking to build cost-effective noise and vibration controls into their HVAC designs can obtain a systematic and concise tutorial outlining the four principal tools for noise and vibration control (damping, isolation, absorption, and barrier materials), authored byE-A-R Specialty Composites (E-A-R). E-A-R, a leader in composite/elastomer engineering and product development for handling noise, vibration, comfort, thermal requirements and/or shock, authored the "The Four-Fold Method of Noise and Vibration Control" white paper in an effort to help HVAC engineers get a better understanding of how passive acoustical systems can best be used to improve designs at the lowest cost.

"The Four-Fold Method of Noise and Vibration Control" tutorial is eight pages in length and can be obtained at no charge at www.earsc.com/pdfs/engineering/4foldWP.pdf, or by writing to solutions@earsc.com, or calling 1-877-327-4332.