Super Seminars

BuilConn 2005, taking place March 21-24 in Dallas, will feature a vast array of events seeking to provide attendees with the latest developments in connected buildings. Here's a brief look at some of the featured events.

One of the recently added events is designed for the consulting-specifying engineer. The one-day BuilSpec seminar will be an anchor event of BuilConn.

BuilSpec is designed to present the subject of building convergence to the consulting specifying engineer, building owner, and facility manager in an interactive environment that encourages group discussion and features workshop activities. Launched in October 2004 as an 11-city seminar series, BuilSpec sets out to serve the industrial professionals who have recently seen a significant change occurring in their role due to the adoption of new technologies and business trends.

"BuilSpec offers clarity for the building owners and managers who are in charge of specifying increasingly complex projects requiring the use of existing IT networks and new technologies such as XML and Web Services," Paul Ehrlich, BuilSpec content director, said. "And, aside from providing attendees a thorough understanding of Building-IT convergence, they come out with a wealth of innovative implementation strategies as well as a considerable amount of reference material for future use."

A Wireless Mesh Seminar has been added to the line up. Set for March 24, and led by Bob Heile, this track will explore the development of mesh technology to expand and provide flexibility to wireless device networking. The technology has evolved significantly, making the use of wireless sensor networks within buildings a step closer to reality. This track will explore the current state of mesh wireless networks and provide attendees with an understanding on how to design building systems based on wireless and mesh. It will hit upon the following topics: Mesh - Making Wireless Work in Buildings; Mesh Network Experts - Technology Briefing; Design and Implementation of Mesh in Buildings; Discussion and Demo of Mesh Networking.

LonMark® International and LonMark Americas announced they will host a one-day educational track on March 22. The LonWorks@BuilConn track will introduce attendees to the LonMark Open Systems model introduced by the company last year.

"People attending this track will hear about the key trends driving open systems and learn how to make open systems a common element of your business, whether you are an enduser, contractor, specifier, or supplier," said Barry Haaser, executive director of LonMark International. "We will break-down the key elements of the system, discuss implementation strategies, explain how to write an open system specification, inform contractors how to get into the integration business, and then we will address implementation and IP connectivity."

The BACnet Manufacturers Association (BMA) and the BACnet Industry Group-North America (BIG-NA) will host a one-day seminar dedicated to the BACnet technology and its applications. The BACnet@BuilConn seminar is designed for industry players looking for a comprehensive overview on the BACnet standard and the role it will play at the enterprise level. Session specifics include discussions on the current adoption environment, the use of XML with the standard, and the future development of the technology.

"BuilConn continues to be a highly targeted event full of progressive attendees who are readily embracing open systems and whole building integration," Jim Lee, BMA president, said. "And, it is a unique opportunity for us to reach the disparate sectors of the industry to illustrate the applicability of the standard across the board."

The OASIS Open Building Information Exchange (oBIX) Technical Committee will host a one-day educational track dedicated to the standardized use of XML and Web services in buildings. The oBIX track will feature status updates on the XML and Web services-based standards initiative targeted at providing the link between buildings and the enterprise. Members of the OASIS oBIX Technical Committee will also provide information on initial implementations of oBIX and conduct in-depth discussions about the application of oBIX in the buildings and facility systems of tomorrow.

"The oBIX@BuilConn session will be thorough in communicating the significant progress the organization has made throughout the past year in developing a standard the industry can embrace," Toby Considine, chair of the OASIS oBIX Technical Committee, said. "oBIX@BuilConn will also explore the relationships oBIX has developed with other industry organizations and demonstrate oBIX connectivity capabilities."

Buildy Awards Building Momentum

To increase awareness of the benefits of whole building integration and honor successful implementation strategies, theBuilConnorganizers announced the 2005 Buildy Awards program celebrating the North American organizations and individuals who best support the vision of networked building systems. Given the multiple facets of the integration process, four award categories have been established for the Buildy Awards:

Vision - This award will be presented to the industry professional who best demonstrates a vision of whole building integration and interoperability through advocacy, promotion, education, and training endeavors.

Best Integration Project - Awarded to a systems integrator, the recipient of this award demonstrates the ability to efficiently integrate a wide array of building systems together and successfully enable operation over a corporate IT infrastructure.

Best New Product - This award honors a manufacturer whose new product or service overcame a significant challenge, enhanced, or simplified the integration process.

Best Building - This award will be presented to the building owner or consultant with the most progressive building technology supporting the vision of whole building integration. The building must be currently occupied.

"We had excellent response from the industry when the awards program was introduced last year," Anto Budiardjo, BuilConn organizer, said. "People are excited to participate and see the award as a great recognition for their efforts in pursuing intelligent and integrated buildings."

Participation is open to industry professionals, systems integrators, technology manufacturers, building owners, and consulting engineers in North America. Candidates may enter the competition by nominating themselves, their own company, or their peers. Application forms and more information will be available soon. For more information on the Buildy Awards, please contact Frank..

All nominations will be reviewed by the BuilConn boards and elected by BuilConn attendees on the first day of BuilConn. Winners will be selected by conference attendees on March 23, during the Building Systems Expo. Announcement of the winners will take place during the Industry Gala March 24 at BuilConn in Dallas.

Nominees must be present or have a representative present to win. The third annual event will be held in Dallas during BuilConn.

Second Annual M2M Expo and Conference

In response to the rapid adoption of machine to machine (M2M) technologies throughout key industries,Clasma, Inc. and Harbor Research, Inc. will present the second annualM2M Expo and ConferenceMarch 23-24, 2005 in Dallas. It will be co-located withBuilConn 2005.

The event will unite the industry leaders who have entered on the ground floor of this emerging industry including technology suppliers, adopters, OEMs, integrators, investors, and customers. This year's event will also focus on the suppliers and adopters of the technologies as well as the widespread adoption of M2M in many key industries.

"Following the success of the first M2M event in 2004, I am pleased to reflect the increased adoption of the technologies delivering value to a growing range of stakeholders in key industries," Glen Allmendinger, Harbor Research, Inc. president, said. "The M2M Expo and Conference is the perfect venue to communicate to the adopters, suppliers, and users the impact that M2M technology will have on virtually every aspect of their organizations."

For further information on the Buildy Awards, the M2M event and these seminars, visit