ISH North Americais bringing the latest innovative SmartHouse showcasing advanced building technology from Europe to the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino Convention Center, in Las Vegas, October 1–3, 2003. SmartHouse was a special showcase at this year’s ISH trade fair held in Frankfurt, Germany.

The SmartHouse showcases the latest developments of innovative, intelligent, and networked house and building technology, which made it one of the popular highlights of this year’s ISH in Frankfurt. Displaying the latest development and products, SmartHouse presents market-mature solutions for remotely monitoring and controlling building technology.

This “home automation” offers the user attractive benefits in terms of security, comfort, and quality of life. For installers, the new smart technology and associated services represent an additional array of business opportunities including “online” buildings that can accommodate the overall living and working concepts of tomorrow as well as the needs of assisted living for the elderly or disabled today.

At the core of the SmartHouse concept is “intelligence” – including networking and communication technology. Most notably, the individual components of the SmartHouse are no longer isolated but are linked together. For example, whereas up to now a conventional heat-generator has exclusively provided comfortably regulated heat, the boiler in SmartHouse is connected to a data network.

The data is coordinated and transported via a “data bus processor” to the correct area of the house. This process allows monitoring information on operational states of the entire system, errors, measurements, heating needs based on space, etc. An optimization of the system’s performance and savings can be achieved. Other applications include energy saving options for the kitchen and bath as well as other rooms throughout the home. Air conditioning, security and communications are all integrated features.

While the entire SmartHouse will not be presented in Las Vegas, ISH North America will feature the bathroom portion. Video showings on this “high-tech” initiative as well as short presentations by Udo Wirges of ZVSHK (German Central Association Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning) will be available. ISH North America attendees will also have the opportunity to take a virtual photographic tour of the entire SmartHouse.

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