Carrier Corporation will be hosting a two-week HVAC training program specifically designed for instructors at vocational schools, colleges/universities and high schools. Carrier's annual Vocational Teacher's HVAC Institute will be held from July 14-25, 2003, in Syracuse, NY.

The Vocational Teacher's HVAC Institute will provide instructors with 80 contact hours of training to strengthen and update their technical foundation in the HVAC field. While both mechanical and electrical fundamentals are reviewed, the program focuses on providing up-to-date information regarding the design, installation, servicing, and troubleshooting of HVAC equipment, as well as discussions about new products and industry issues. Instructors are introduced to a variety of teaching tools and materials that can be used to integrate current industry requirements into their curriculum.

Each institute attendee also receives free teaching materials including software titles such as: Interactive HVAC Refrigeration Cycle Troubleshooting (GT62-03); HVAC Electrical Troubleshooting (GT61-03A); the new HVAC Performance Plus Troubleshooting Practice Series 1; Residential Heating and Cooling Load Estimating (REZ-CALC); and Residential Annual Operating Cost Program (REZ-OP). For more information about, or to register for, the program contact Carrier's Bynum Training Center by calling 800-644-5544; e-mail; or visit the Carrier's Customer Training website at