The inclusion of a pressure sensor and a static pressure tip in the same unit enables the new Series 676 duct pressure transmitter to reduce installation time and eliminate the need for expensive control panels, says the manufacturer. This CE-approved, multi-range transmitter uses a micromachined glass-on-silicon capacitance sensor. The company says its product provides a fully conditioned, highly accurate (± 1% FS) 4-20 mA output signal, with a response time of just 60 ms. Each of two models covers three field-selectable ranges, respectively: 0 to 5.0, 0 to 2.5, and 0 to 1.25-in. of wc; 0 to 15.0, 0 to 7.5, and 0 to 3.75-in. wc.

- Dwyer Instruments, Inc.

Michigan City, IN