Riello S.p.A.(Legnago, Italy), represented byRiello Burners North America(Mississauga, ON, Canada), andEclipse, Inc.(Rockford, IL) have formed a strategic alliance to better serve the North American market.

Eclipse and Riello have until now operated in substantially distinct market segments. A manufacturer of world-class oil and gas burners for more than 80 years, Riello has recently completed its first of many new product launches into the North American residential and commercial heating markets. Riello currently has the highest annual production of burners in the world.

In business for over 90 years, Eclipse is a manufacturer of gas, oil, and oxy-fuel bummers and has distinguished itself globally as a leader in the design, installation and service of industrial combustion systems.

The strategic agreement between the two companies includes extensive plans for co-marketing their technologies, including mutual distribution, co-branding and new product development, in addition to coast-to-coast pre- and post-sale service and support. The result is the most extensive line of combustion systems available from any single source in North America.

The Riello/Eclipse alliance is the first between a European and North American burner manufacturer. The alliance partners' vision is to become North America' s preeminent bummer source for residential, commercial and industrial customers, providing high-efficiency, low-maintenance combustion solutions that deliver maximum uptime across the widest range of applications, while caring for people and the environment.