Energy 2002: Hot Challenges, Cool Solutions, is the fifth annual national energy management workshop and trade show sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy's Federal Energy Management Program and co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. General Services Administration. Energy 2002 will be held at the Palm Springs, CA, Convention Center and the adjoining Wyndham Palm Springs Hotel, June 2-5, 2002.

Attendees include Federal, state, local, and private sector energy managers, procurement officials, engineers and architects, energy service companies, transportation officials, utilities, and others involved in energy management around the country. As attested by Jim Woods, U.S. Department of Commerce, "This is the largest gathering of the finest experts in Federal energy management."

Specialized Learning Tracks will cover the following topics:

  • Energy 101- Presents the basics of energy management. Will provide an introduction to energy accounting, audits, and basic rules-of-thumb.
  • Distributed Energy -Rolling outages, projected energy shortfalls, and increasing demands for high-energy quality and reliability have made distributed energy a hot topic. Solutions for distributed energy with case studies will be covered.
  • Facilities -Addresses the special considerations of the spectrum of facility types ranging from small remote buildings to large energy-intensive research complexes. Experts will showcase real world examples and best practices for an array of buildings including schools, hospitals, high-tech labs, industrial facilities, historic buildings, and more.
  • Policies, Programs and Partnerships -An overview of regulations and resources that impact Federal energy programs will be discussed in this track. Attendees will learn about the latest energy policies and what the current programs have to offer.
  • Project Financing -This "60 Minutes" style point-counterpoint comparison of financing options promises to offer a close look at measurement and verification and other savings guarantee options, and will have a special focus on new construction projects.
  • Renewables: The Green Scene -Renewable energy is a bright solution for driving our economic future, resulting in reliability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. This track focuses on step-by-step methods that include site potential and survey, cost estimation, design and construction, operations and maintenance, and case studies of successful projects.

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