The Alliance for Energy and Economic Growth recently launched a multi-media advertising campaign in Washington, D.C. to inform elected and appointed officials of the urgent need to address the nation's growing energy problems.

In a series of television, radio and print advertisements, the alliance cites the need to adopt a comprehensive energy plan as soon as possible in order to maintain a strong U.S. economy and to protect Americans' quality of life.

The print advertisement poses a direct question on a full-page black background: "California 2001 - Your Hometown 2003?" The ad then says, "If you think we don't need a National Energy Policy, you're just whistling in the dark."

A 15-second television commercial dramatizes the current energy plight by emphasizing that since the full-fledged energy crisis of the 1970s, U.S. energy use has increased by 30%, more than double the increase in domestic energy production over the same period. "No wonder we're having problems," says the ad.

The alliance's 60-second radio ad emphasizes that the lives of most Americans have changed dramatically since the 1970s, thanks to widespread use of home computers, microwave ovens, the Internet, and other lifestyle conveniences that were not in existence then and which all make new demands on our energy supplies.

"Our quality of life depends on reliable, affordable energy," says the radio spot. The ad stresses that conservation efforts are vital to a long- term solution, as is the development of new energy supplies and the modernization of an energy delivery infrastructure.

The alliance is a broad-based coalition of customers, ranging from small, independent businesses to the nation's largest manufacturers, as well as companies that generate and distribute energy from diverse sources -- including natural gas, oil, coal, and nuclear energy -- supplying millions of households and workplaces. The group now has over 500 members.