The company says its Signet 2450 pressure sensor significantly increases the breadth and applications versatility of its line of performance sensors. Featuring an all-PVDF body and ceramic diaphragm, the 2450 is designed to maintain purity and provide exceptional compatibility with corrosive liquids. Per the company, it is ideal for water management and wastewater applications, irrigation systems, marine, scrubbers, and pump protection applications. The 2450, says the company, is also ideally suited for use in hvac systems where typical sensor installations experience high corrosive exposure and replacement costs. The 2450 features an operating range of 0 to 50 psig (Model 2450-XL) and 0 to 250 psig (Model 2450-XH). Per the company, built-in temperature compensation provides outstanding accuracy (±% of full scale) over wide temperature ranges. — George Fischer, Inc. Tustin, CA