The sold-out, 70th annual AHR Expo 2000, to be held in Dallas on February 7-9, will feature a variety of innovative software for the hvac industry, as well as a special “Building Automation” educational session. This year’s expanded “Software Center” will feature more than 40 leading companies specializing in software development for the hvacr industry. Contractors, engineers, and other hvacr professionals will have the opportunity to see demonstrations of the latest custom designed software and other products designed to enhance their operations. Included will be software for CAD/CAM, energy analysis, contracts, estimating, project management, and system design, to name a few.

The educational program schedule features a special “Building Automation” session titled, “State-of-the-Art Capabilities in Building Automation,” presented by Ken Sinclair, editor of and David Branson, Sr., vice president of Compliance Service Group, Inc. The session will offer an overview of everything from the basics to the outer limits of building automation and integration, as well as the latest developments in the field.