BBJ Environmental Solutions, Inc.(Tampa) said that is has developed an automated device to be installed in cooling systems that will clean and treat air handler cooling coils. According to a BBJ press release, the device — and a proprietary solution replenishable at one-year intervals — will keep systems in "like new" condition and eliminate mold and bacterial growth and other fouling that normally accumulates during operation.

"This device is an advantage to the contractor in that it automates a difficult and messy task that many technicians avoid doing yet is vitally important to customer satisfaction and improved IAQ," said BBJ Environmental Solutions' chairman and CEO Bob Baker.

BBJ notes that during normal a/c operation, dust, insect parts, animal dander and other particulates carried in the air deposit on surfaces within air-conditioning units. The bacteria and mold spores deposited along with these particles grows and soon a thick coating forms that restricts airflow, interferes with heat transfer efficiency and amplified to levels that release pollution into the air that is returned to occupied spaces.

"This is a major cause of poor indoor air quality along with all its unpleasant impacts," the company said. BBJ said it is currently producing a number of prototypes of the device, which will be placed with "key" contractors and distributors as well as OEM equipment manufacturers who have expressed interest in carrying the system. BBJ said the production model of the patent-pending cleaning in place system will be introduced to the industry at the International Air-Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration (AHR) Exposition in Atlantic City, NJ, Jan. 14-16, 2002.