Issues surrounding the search for, development, and use of energy resources will be addressed by a keynote speaker at the plenary session of ASHRAE's Winter Meeting Sat., Jan. 12 in Atlantic City, NJ.

Ralph L. Lewis Jr., a retired vice president of Gulf Oil and a senior consultant to the Chevron Corp., will be the keynote speaker at the plenary session in room 302 of the Atlantic City Convention Center. The association's meeting is taking place Jan. 12-16 in Atlantic City, NJ. Attendance is free.

His remarks will focus on the "Global Struggle - Energy, Food, Minerals and Water," covering the historical, social, economic, and political activities surrounding the worldwide search, development and use of energy sources. Special attention will be devoted to the world's minerals, food and the global strategies of the super powers.

Lewis sees conservation and the development of new energy resources as the keys to meeting future demands for energy. His message complements the theme chosen by ASHRAE president William Coad, Accepting the Challenge.

"I have asked ASHRAE members to accept the challenge of maintaining our quality of life as we face a dwindling reserve of energy resources," Coad said, "I see this as the greatest challenge to the human race in the 21st century. Lewis recognizes that these challenges are linked to the critical international energy, mineral and food supply position...a global struggle that challenges all of us."

Also held in conjunction with the ASHRAE meeting is the International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition, Jan. 14-16, at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Some 40,000 engineers from around the world will attend the event.