Taco, Inc., (Cranston, RI) a leading manufacturer of hydronic-based equipment for both residential and commercial hvac applications, andPotter Electric Signal Company(St. Louis), a manufacturer of sprinkler monitoring products, security peripherals and industrial controls, have announced a partnership for the purpose of marketing Potter's hvac-related products under the Taco name.

Under the private label partnership agreement Taco will become the exclusive distributor of Potter's Low-Water Cutoff (LWCO) series of products as well as its IFS series of Industrial Flow Switches. Both product lines, currently manufactured by Potter's Industrial Controls Division, have hvac applications and will be marketed as new extensions to Taco's existing family of Electronic and Flow Control products.

Taco's LWCO is a probe-style, microprocessor-based control used to detect fluid level in hot water and steam boilers. LWCO's monitor the minimum safe water level in a boiler and signal the bummer to stop should the water level drop below the minimum safe level.