Hvacr products that claim to be “certified” or “rated” are not the same thing, according to the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute.

At a September ARI Certification Programs and Policy Committee meeting, the difference between these two terms was specifically defined to differentiate between those products that carry the ARI certification label and those which claim to meet an ARI standard.

The committee adopted the following wording to explain these differences. Products rated to ARI standards and certified will carry the certification logo and be identified as, “Certified in accordance with the ARI “Name” certification program, which is based on ARI Standard XXX.”

Products rated to ARI standards (but not certified) will be identified as, “Rated in accordance with ARI Standard XXX.”

To receive an ARI certification label, a manufacturer must submit its applicable products to a vigorous, independent testing program. Certified products are then listed in one of six ARI certification directories available via Internet, CD, or print.