An new program that uses the Internet to help businesses in California reduce peak electrical demand, save money and help avoid rolling blackouts has launched online operations and is up and running. Known as the "Power-Pact," it is a demand relief program that asks businesses to voluntarily curtail energy usage during periods when energy reserves are low and prices are skyrocketing, enabling companies to save money, save energy and ensure power reliability.

The program offers alert notifications to every business in California free of charge and provides the opportunity for businesses to be paid for reducing usage by enrolling in one of the many incentive programs offered around the state.

The Power-Pact program-which begins with online registration at made possible under a contract from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to reduce peak electrical demand.

"We are installing `demand responsive' computer software and hardware systems in buildings, enabling facility managers to reduce the power requirements of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems in response to signals from the ISO to avoid rolling blackouts," said Joe Desmond, president of Infotility.

"Typical strategies used by building operators can be as simple as raising thermostat settings from two to four degrees in commercial buildings, dimming or turning off some portion of lighting systems in buildings or literally any controllable load -- often actions that have minimal or no impact on building occupant productivity, safety and comfort," Desmond said.

"Companies can now register at to receive free, time-critical alerts based on Stage 1, 2 and 3 reliability thresholds," Desmond said. "These alerts are delivered by phone, fax, pager or e-mail -- whichever method they prefer -- and this is the only service through which this personalized, comprehensive capability is available."