The global increase in stainless steel prices will now be reflected in heat exchanger prices, according to sources at Alfa Laval, a global manufacturer of compact heat exchangers. “Stainless steel prices have increased 50% in the last month as a result of a continuously upward trend in the price of nickel, a major component in stainless steel. This is now being reflected in the price of heat exchangers,” said Klas Abrahamsson, Thermal Key Components division manager at Alfa Laval’s headquarters in Richmond, VA.

“Purchases of all stainless steel products are now noticing that components are now more expensive than a few months ago. This price increase forces manufacturers like Alfa Laval to raise prices to compensate for increased price in the basic metals. It has forced us to increase the prices for plate heat exchangers between 3% and 9%. The only fortunate part is that we are not alone in this price increase; our competitors are purchasing their metal on the same market and will eventually be forced to follow suit,” Abrahammsson said.