Reminiscences from twoASHRAEmembers on hvacr history were featured in a program shown recently on The History Channel. The program, titled Modern Marvels: Fire and Ice, was broadcast on April 18. The show is one hour in length and covers the history of heating and air conditioning, hvac in homes and buildings, automobiles, airplanes, clean rooms and space suits.

The History Channel describes the program as "Who could imagine life without our 'man-made weather'? On cold winter nights and hot summer days, we are forever grateful to the visionaries who took two basic elements—fire and ice—and turned them into true modern marvels. . .as we learn in this chronicle of heating and air conditioning that covers advancements from the home and industry to outer space and beyond!"

The program featured interviews with ASHRAE Historical Committee chair Mohinder Bhatti and former chair Bern Nagengast, who discuss the history of transportation air conditioning and refrigeration, respectively.

ASHRAE also provided images from its archives for the program, including materials featured in the ASHRAE publication Heat and Cold: Mastering the Great Indoors, co-authored by Nagengast.