Do you wish you worked in a mixed-mode building?

Yes - 56%

No - 44%

In your opinion, mixed-mode ventilation will:

Eventually penetrate the region of the U.S. where the climate allows its implementation. - 69%

Make inroads in California, home of this research, but no further. - 19%

Fail to catch on in this country at all. - 12%

What do you believe is the chief reason behind the improved occupant comfort satisfaction reported in recent research?

Actual significant improvements in the quality of the indoor environment. - 47%

Perceived increase in comfort due to more individual control over the immediate environment. - 53%

Should ASHRAE devote more attention and resources to exploring and encouraging alternative hvac strategies such as mixed-mode ventilation?

Yes, attention to new strategies is overdue. - 44%

Yes, but it isn’t a high priority. - 50%

No. - 6%