Canandaigua (NY) City School Districthas formed a partnership withCustom Energy(Overland Park, KS) in order to implement a comprehensive energy services performance contract. The energy services company is assisting the district by executing an energy plan designed to significantly reduce energy consumption and save taxpayers over $1.4 million over the next ten years. Under the contract, the district will benefit from several energy conservation measures to be installed in five of its educational facilities. The energy plan will include a lighting upgrade, construction of a multiple boiler plant, a review and adjustment of existing temperature control settings, installation of additional temperature controls and remote monitoring and control for the existing direct digital control system. These measures will increase the efficiency of energy operations throughout the facilities involved, while saving energy and utility consumption and improving faculty, staff and student comfort. Designed as a capital project, initial drafts of the district energy plan did not include a substantial portion of the desired improvements. Budget constraints were the cause of the district's difficulties. However, guaranteed energy savings from Custom Energy's comprehensive energy savings performance contract made these improvements economically feasible.