Flakt Woods Group(Fairfield, OH) has been established as a result of the merger betweenFlakt (formerly owned by ABB) andWoods Air Movement(formerly owned by Marconi). The new group brings together two of the world's leading names in the air movement and treatment. The group also owns other important brands, including Solyvent Ventec and American Fan Company (Fairfield, Ohio).

The new group will operate though five main business Aareas each of which will be led by its own president. The business areas are: Indoor Climate, Air Distribution, Fans-Building Services & Industrial, Fans- Heavy-Duty and Components. Each area president will report directly to the group's chief executive, Hannu Paitula. The five new business areas presidents are: Roland Andersson - Indoor Climate; Ove Blomfelt - Air Distribution; Steven Knowles - Fans-Building Services & Industrial; Kai Suominen - Fans-Heavy Duty; Magne Thorslund –Components. Other appointments include Carl Sverdrup, president - Business Development, and Reijo Kohonen, president - Technology.