Excelergy Corporation (Cambridge, MA) has launched eXACThub, an Internet-based clearinghouse for all transactions among energy participants in a deregulated retail energy market. The energy transaction management part of the deregulated market is estimated to be worth $1billion per year. The service is now available at www.exacthub.com.

Powered by Excelergy's trading partner management software, eXACThub allows distribution companies, energy service providers, meter reading agents, and any other energy participant to communicate more efficiently and reliably with one another.

"Our new eXACThub allows any energy marketer with a browser to streamline customer acquisition nationwide," said Philippe Frangules, vice president of eCommerce at Excelergy. "Today, this free service makes it easier to switch customers to a new supplier. It will soon enable monthly transactions including energy usage and payment information based upon open, non-proprietary communication. This will foster a more competitive retail energy industry."

Using Internet Explore 5, energy suppliers or designated agents can use eXACThub to fill out standard enrollment forms for new customers. This information is then stored and can be retrieved from eXACThub by suppliers or distributors.

According to Chris Cazer, vice president of engineering at Excelergy, eXACThub uses the latest Internet technology to safeguard customer information. "Security will be key as businesses distribute processing throughout the world."