In reaction to the increasing demand for their NU-22 refrigerantIcor International, Inc., is constructing an additional gas storage facility and blending station that will increase their production and storage NU-22 capabilities. "This expansion will enable us to package 60,000 pounds of NU-22 per day in a variety of packaging sizes and increase our storage capacity by three million pounds," said Jim House, general manager of ICOR. House went on to say, "The early success of this product has put us several years ahead of our sales projections, and it is evident now that NU-22 is here to stay."

A non-ODS replacement refrigerant, NU-22 is on the EPA's SNAP list of accepted alternatives for both R-22 and R-502. NU-22 is now being successfully used in a variety of system applications from residential air to commercial and industrial refrigeration.