ZEMA Systems, Inc.’s (Tempe, AZ) Sales and Engineering Automation Tool (SEAT) is a new software product used for design and configuration of complex custom engineered products. Selection and configuration of a product is captured through a user-friendly interface. The program then employs pre-programmed rules and relationships about configuration, engineering and geometry.

Its internal drafting engine automatically generates product drawings and visually displays the configured selection. It creates a computer model that can automatically produce such deliverables as CAD drawings, conventional spreadsheet population and calculation, engineering analysis, word documents, parts and product databases.

The plans, formulas, regulatory constraints, specifications and drawings initially created by the sales person’s input can be streamlined directly for the engineers to finish the project and create the exact solution that the customer needed. Additionally the software can integrate a pricing module to quickly and accurately estimate the cost of a product. The software also reduces the amount of maintenance a model requires since all possible outputs are contained via the general rule set, and not as pre-built parametric models. Autodesk, Inc. Autodesk, Inc. (San Rafael, CA) has introduced its Associative QDIM Extension. Now with the power of associative dimensioning in AutoCAD® 2002, the Associative QDIM Extension enables users to quickly dimension drawings while ensuring that dimensions automatically update as design changes occur. Dimensions created with AutoCAD software's QDIM (Quick Dimension) tool are now automatically associated with the underlying geometry.