HC Information Resources Inc.has made recordings of seven recent seminars conducted live on the Internet available. Each seminar is a slide presentation, about 90 minutes in length, which can be played on a computer. The recordings contain both the audio and video. Three of the courses, "Reducing the Risk of Legionella in Cooling Towers," "Minimizing Conditions for Legionella and Other Bacteria in Plumbing Systems," and "Disinfecting Potable Water Systems" are designed for the HVAC, plumbing, and water treatment industries. Matt Freije, author of Legionellae Control in Health Care Facilities: A Guide for Minimizing Risk, is the instructor. Freije also teaches two other courses: "Legionnaires' Disease: Guidelines, Litigation, and Risk Management" and "How to Sample Water Systems for Legionella." The seminar recordings can be downloaded fromwww.hcinfo.com.