Hydrotherm’s KN-10 self-adaptive gas-fired boiler will be on display.

Boilers/Water Heaters

Lochinvar® Corporationhas enhanced the high-efficiency line of Power-Fin® commercial water heaters and boilers for greater installation flexibility. The Power-Fin operates at up to 88% thermal efficiency rating, and its fan-assisted burner system can be specified as on/off fire, or infinitely proportional firing from 50% to 100% with pinpoint control. The digital control system features 16 individual LED readouts to monitor performance and is accurate to +1°F for precise system monitoring. The compact Power-Fin unit boasts six standard venting solutions and less than 30-ppm NOx emissions.

Cleaver-Brooks' Premier Line of Wet-back (4WI) and Dry-back (CB-LE) firetube boilers is designed to lead the industry in low emissions, high efficiency, and ultimate value. The Promethean line is a completely integrated package, featuring multi-fuel firing, size ranges of 100 to 800 hp, steam or hot water, NOx levels from 60 to less than 9 ppm on gas and 70 ppm on #2 oil, guaranteed efficiencies, a compact footprint, and flexible options.

HydroTherm will feature its two newest products, the KN-10 self-adaptive boiler and the S1000B programmable controller. The KN-10 is a commercial, gas-fired boiler with a self-adaptive design that is tolerant to changing conditions. The KN-10 combines the high efficiency and small footprint of modern copper boilers with the long life reliability of cast iron boilers. The new S1000B programmable controller is designed to enable users to control heating boilers, domestic hot water boilers, motorized valves, combustion air dampers, draft inducers, and more from remote locations.

A.O. Smith Genesis® boilers, with inputs ranging from 300,000 Btu to 750,000 Btu, are now equipped with an advanced EMC-5000 "Energy Management Control" system. Genesis boilers with the new EMC-5000 offer the flexibility of two-stage firing, a premium-grade silicon nitride igniter, and an accurate, user-friendly system for monitoring and diagnostics. Future planned refinements will permit full integration of the EMC-5000 with advanced EMS currently in use for total environmental control of commercial buildings.

Patterson-Kelley expands its MACH Series modulating, condensing hot water boiler line. The MACH achieves 92% efficiency, and, under certain operating conditions, efficiency can be as high as 99%. The units' operating capabilities include variable operating temperatures, frequent cold starts, fast changeovers from cooling to heating, variable system flows, heat pump, radiant panel, and snow melting systems. Other operating features include a 5:1 turndown ratio that is adjustable from 20% to 100% of rating, peak efficiency at part-load, and burner management and operating capabilities.

AERCO International, Inc., has enhanced its C-More™ unit controller and AERCO BMS, a multiple unit boiler management system, with Modbus technology that enables facility managers to easily integrate the company's gas-fired boiler and water heater units into their building EMS. Support of Modbus will enable AERCO customers to control and monitor their heating plant via a single connection between their EMS and the AERCO BMS, or through their individual Benchmark and KC1000 unit(s).

RBI's full line of Futera Series boilers, including the new Futera III, will be on display at the AHR Expo. With full modulation and 3:1 turndown, the Futera III supplies the correct amount of heat necessary to maintain desired building temperature by matching heating demand without over-firing. Features include a four-pass design, gasketless heat exchanger with bronze headers, and fittings that prevent rust and corrosion for the life of the boiler. Models are available ranging from 500 to 2,000 MBh to meet any heating demand or application.

The need for masonry and metal-vent chimneys is eliminated by the new VentMaster power direct vent gas commercial water heater from Rheem Water Heaters. Using 3-in. or 4-in. schedule 40 PVC piping, the unit exhausts flue gases through the wall and directly to the outdoors and avoids problems with negative air pressure by drawing combustion air directly from the outside. The VentMaster is available with gas inputs of 150,000 and 199,900 Btuh, both with storage capacities of 100 gal, and recovery rates of 146 and 194 gal/hr respectively, at a 100°F rise in the water temperature.

Rheem Water Heaters will showcase a variety of new products, including the Pronto line of on-demand, tankless gas water heaters.

Heat Exchangers

Alfa Lavalis launching the next generation of HVAC gasketed plate heat exchangers at the Expo, the T Series. TL10B features high-theta plates specifically designed for HVAC cooling duties. The T5M is suited for heating and cooling applications including district heating. The plate pattern is designed to provide more efficient heat transfer, lower pressure drop, and less fouling. Plates for both models are available in 316 and titanium; plates for the TL10B are also available in 304. All plates have clip-on gaskets for easy replacement.

Rotronic’s HygroLog NT datalogger/digital transmitter features HygroClip® digital humidity technology.


Setra Systems, Inc.will introduce its new Model 260, "One Size Fits All" low differential pressure transducer at the AHR Expo. The Model 260 offers user selectable pressure ranges and analog outputs, a standard LCD, and AC/DC excitation on voltage output operation. At a standard accuracy of 1% FS, Model 260 provides fixed range performance for all selectable ranges and various pressure ranges from 0.1 in. wc full-scale up through 10 in. wc full-scale (comparable Pascal ranges available as well). All units may be field-configured as unidirectional or bidirectional ranges.

Rotronic's HygroLog NT datalogger/digital transmitter features HygroClip® digital humidity technology; FDA CFR 21 part 11 and GAMP 4 compliant software; compact flash memory card for virtually unlimited logging capacity; a wide array of HygroClip probe options; up to seven probes per instrument; networkable, data retrieval via a network; and USB, RS232, and Bluetooth interface options. The units have a wide measuring range with a maximum -50° to 200°C and 0% to 100% rh (probe dependent), with a maximum accuracy of ± 1.0 % rh/ ±0.2°C (probe dependent).

Building Automation Products, Inc.'s Zone Pressure Sensor is an industrial grade, accurate, rugged, and yet economical solution for measuring static and differential pressures. The patented design features 10 field-selectable pressure ranges, three field-selectable output ranges, auto zero and an optional LCD display. A variety of pickup ports are also available.

Critical Environment Technologies is featuring its MAC Controllers, which can detect a wide range of gases and are reliable and easy to use. The MAC has a microprocessor-based circuit that is completely field adjustable, and it is available in one- or two-sensor versions. Many different electrochemical sensors can be integrally installed in the MAC. Any AST series transmitter can be remotely mounted and connected to the MAC controller. Features include LED alarm indication, audible alarm and two relays.

Sierra Instruments, Inc. will introduce the Cal=Trak™ SL-500 primary standard gas flow calibrator and the Smart-Trak™ digital mass flow controller (MFC). The Cal=Trak™ SL-500 offers a standardized accuracy of ±0.4% in a portable, low-maintenance flow calibrator, and offers datalogging, digital communications, interval operation and many other productivity-enhancing features. The Smart-Trak offers endusers maximum flexibility, an easy-to-use interface, rugged stainless steel construction, and digital performance.

Testo's 330 combustion analyzer automatically measures temperature, O2, CO2, CO, efficiency, excess air, and draft and shows all results on the backlit, four-line graphic display. Modular probes, 30-sec warm-up, smart sensors, 200 memory locations, USB interface, and field installable NOx upgrade top the list of advanced features. Complete diagnostic info on all sensors and systems is always available with the I-button.

TSI's new CA-Calc Series CA-6300 compliance protocol emissions analyzers are designed to provide complete results for combustion testing quickly and with ensured accuracy. With the on-board CTM-34 test protocol, the CA-6300 analyzers guide operators through each step of the test process and conveniently print reports on site. Additional CA-6300 features include TSI's sample conditioner for hands-free continual water removal and a standard low cost/low maintenance emissions probe.

The H20 Transmartter® line of microcontroller-based humidity transmitters by Viconics Electronics features digital sensor processing technology with high resolution, repeatability, rh sensitivity, visual indication of humidity levels, and low drift + 2% and + 3% rh models save on operational and maintenance costs. The company will also introduce its T7600 Series BACnet and LonTalk‚ multistage communicating thermostat family. Features include scrolling menu-driven backlit LCD display and remote sensor capability with two multi-function digital inputs.

Onset Computer Corporation's HOBO® Micro Station is a low-cost, multi-channel datalogger for indoor energy monitoring applications. Designed with a highly flexible system architecture, the Micro Station can accept pulse or analog inputs from a wide range of specialized third-party sensors - such as power meters and flowmeters - as well as Onset's full suite of plug-in Smart Sensors. This suite includes sensors for measuring and recording temperature, relative humidity, solar radiation, barometric pressure, and other parameters.

The CAP21 ozone sensor from City Technology is designed to monitor ozone levels in air purification and filtration equipment. CAP21 operates in a dual-temperature cycle that improves baseline stability and the accuracy and repeatability of the reading/response. During the ozone measurement phase, the sensor operates at 495°C for 30 sec and then changes to a purge phase at 600°C for 30 sec more to clean the sensor. The unit then returns to 495°C.

Continental Fan Manufacturing’s TAPS air purifying unit is available in either portable or duct-mounted models.


Control Resources'SmartFan‚ Inversion is designed to be an innovative fan speed control that combines an AC to DC power supply and a DC fan control/alarm to provide the best of both worlds: the convenience of AC power and the control and efficiency of DC fans. Inversion controls 24 or 48 VDC fans, with current rating up to 4.0A. Benefits of using SmartFan include acoustical noise reduction, temperature regulation, greater product reliability, increased fan life, improved safety, and energy savings.

Breidert's Series SQB/SQD Square Inline Centrifugal Duct Fan represents a new design for higher efficiency and lower sound. Engineers can choose from six direct drive sizes and 11 belt drive sizes (through 42 in.) with high pressure wheels for static pressures to 3.5 in. wg. Typical applications include exhaust, supply, or return airflows in commercial or institutional HVAC duct systems.

A new series of ECOFIT motorized fans with backward impellers will be introduced by Rosenberg USA at the Expo. They are designed to deliver low-noise and high efficiency in applications such as domestic air conditioning, electronic cabinet cooling, low power industrial heaters, and cowl ventilation. The new fans feature IP44 protection, are UL Listed and are rated to Class F with optional thermal protection. Airflows reach a maximum of 215 cfm. Their compact wheel is an easy fit in free blowing designs (with screening) in circular, rectangular, and scroll-shaped housings.

Space-Ray will show its ceramic heaters and radiant floor model heaters at the Expo.


Space-Ray'sETS/ETU Series low-intensity infrared tube heaters now include 19 different heaters in more than 100 different configurations. The ETU Series tube heaters come in seven different configurations and provide uniform heat distribution, making it ideal for spot and high heat loss heating applications. In contrast, the ETS Series tube heaters are available in multiple configurations including straight, L-shape, expanded U-shape, or Z-shape and are ideal for meeting complete building requirements.

Fire And Smoke Control

AMTROLhas announced the new FIRE-X-TROL UL-Certified and ASME constructed expansion chamber for wet pipe sprinkler systems. The expansion chamber is UL Listed for use with fire protection antifreeze systems per NFPA 13. The expansion chamber can also be applied in systems utilizing water. The FIRE-X-TROL expansion chamber with precharged pneumatic cushion reliably protects your system from pressure increases that result from antifreeze temperature change. Since these systems are closed systems, the expanded fluid needs to be accommodated with a pre-pressurized expansion tank.

Ducts And Liners

Barricade pipe and duct lagging bySound Sealis used to block sound/noise transmission through pipes or duct work. Manufactured using a flexible one pound per square foot reinforced Mylar faced loaded vinyl noise barrier, the reinforced Mylar exterior readily accepts a matching lag tape for easy installation and also serves as a protective jacket for indoor or outdoor applications. The system is available as a lagging or lagging with attached decoupler in standard roll sizes of 48 in. by 30 ft long.

New LinaTex textile fiber duct liner from Johns Manville offers fabricators and installers a tough, resilient, abuse-resistant insulation for lining sheet metal air ducts. LinaTex is a flexible duct liner made from 100% post-industrial recycled, long-strand fiberglass bonded with a thermosetting resin. The airstream surface is protected from damage during fabrication by very durable black fiberglass mat surface. A factory-applied edge-coating covers the leading edges per NAIMA/SMACNA requirements.


The Commander SK variable-speed drive fromControl Techniques(part of Emerson Climate Technologies) is designed to be a new standard in simple AC micro drives. It provides simple, compact and cost-effective motor control for a variety of applications, including pump, fan, and multiple motors. The unit is being launched in three frame sizes and is available up to 5 hp, 480V and 3 hp, 230V. All of the drive's parameters needed for 90% of typical applications are printed on the front of the unit, making it easy to set up without the need for a manual.

Control Resources' SmartFan‚ Stratus is a VFD meant to provide economical yet versatile and precise variable speed control of single- and three-phase fans, motors, and pumps. This microprocessor-based VFD is ideal for applications including environmental control (temperature, humidity, pressure, flow), cleanroom pressurization, equipment cooling, exhaust ventilation, and heating/air conditioning systems. Motor speed can be based on several control inputs including control signal, temperature, 0 to 18 VDC transducer, Modbus, or I2C communication link.

The new ebm-papst EC-i motor in size 55 mm with integrated ‘intelligence' offers significantly lower noise and less heat generation than conventional AC motors, says the company. The new fan types based on this motor design can be installed in any mounting position, thus opening a wide range of possible applications. The manufacturer also now offers axial fans up to 800 mm diameter and backward curved impellers up to 630 mm diameter. The new AC products utilize the latest technical features and materials for minimum noise and weight, performance and cost.

Eurotherm will exhibit two new products: the 2704BC boiler controller and the 5000 Steam Flow Computer.


Alerton Inc.has launched the BACtalk Control Module (BCM) HOTEL, a BACnet-compliant gateway for easy integration to hotel reservation and check-in systems. As part of an Alerton system, the BCM-HOTEL makes available rented or not-rented room information for up to 10,000 rooms so that the environment is either ready or inactive as needed. Alerton Inc. will also showcase its BACtalk Control Module (BCM) MDBS, a BACnet-compliant gateway for connecting Modbus devices to a BACnet system.

American Auto-Matrix' GPC controller family offers a DDC system with open communications protocols, generation-to-generation compatibility, distributed intelligence, and object-oriented programming. The controllers use a two-wire, polarity insensitive sensor networking protocol that can significantly reduce installed costs of BAS. The technology allows for offsite configuration and pre-configured "job kits" for faster, more efficient engineering, installation, and commissioning.

The new FS-B3510 from FieldServer is made to bring the company's powerful driver library to the latest in gateway design. The unit offers several features demanded by customers in a single, compact, user-friendly package. These features include plenty of connectivity in the way of four serial ports, two 10/100 Base-T Ethernet ports, and a LonWorks port. Hot standby capability, 1,000-point capacity, and a DIN rail-mounting option are three more features this gateway has to offer.

Eurotherm will introduce two new products at this year's Expo. The 2704BC boiler controller addresses all aspects of package boiler control including pressure, level, and total dissolved solids (TDS) control. It can connect to industry standard conductivity probes that measure TDS levels, and once measured, provide precise TDS control through the activation of continuous blowdown valves. Bottom blowdown can also be automated through the use of the 2704BC real-time clock. Also, the 5000 Steam Flow Computer is a range of data recorders that offer a math package for steam flow computing.

The new APR Control from Rawal Devices Inc. provides full capacity modulation for DX A/C systems. The device's patented desuperheating chamber modulates the A/C system's capacity by varying refrigerant flow according to suction pressure, which changes with the temperature of air crossing the evaporator coil. The unit maintains the system in a dehumidifying mode without risk of coil icing or liquid slugging. The APR Control is suited for VAV systems where fluctuating or reduced airflow across the evaporator can cause coil icing, and for high-percentage makeup air systems.

Tridium Inc. will showcase the Niagara Appliance™ program, which is designed to integrate with other building systems. The M2M (Man-to-Machine/ Machine-to-Machine) capabilities provided via Niagara Appliance enable remote diagnostics and troubleshooting of equipment, and provide a more efficient means of operating and maintaining equipment systems. The Niagara Appliance program bundles hardware, software, and professional services, to deliver a turnkey product solution to the manufacturer.

Tour Andover Controls (TAC) will feature two new products at this year's Expo. TAC Vista® 4.3 now features a new version of the Web-based interface Webstation. It provides access to view multiple system functions, including alarms, graphics, trend charts, time schedules, and events. The Continuum® bCX1 Router/Controller Series NetController features increased power, memory, and reliability with 10/100 Ethernet communications, 66 MHz Motorola processor, and 32 MB of RAM. The series also offers a 16 MB non-volatile flash memory to store the users' OS, programs, and run-time data.


HVAC Solutionis a parametric design platform for hydronic, forced air, and steam systems. The company's primary objective is to liberate engineers from the invisible chains imposed by traditional design tools, transforming the design process into one that is creative and dynamic, nonlinear and responsive, iterative and evolutionary. With HVAC Solution, when a load is connected to or deleted from the existing design, every pipe, pump and component is resized and the schedule sheets are updated in real time, in just a few seconds.

Honeywell premieres a free, Web-based version of its Building Control Workbench™, a tool designed to save consulting engineers and other specifiers time by helping them find Honeywell systems and products for their projects in a matter of seconds. It is accessible with any Internet browser at www.honeywell.com/buildingsolutions. The Workbench includes comprehensive access to datasheets, configuration information, guide specifications, and white papers. Plus, the tool addresses HVAC controls, energy management, fire alarms and life safety, and access control.

MultiTherm LLC announces its new state-of-the-art HVAC coil selection program. The program calculates performance on existing coils as well as makes selections on the most efficient coils for a job. It offers the lowest pressure drop along with the lowest cost to fill the given job requirements quickly and at the lowest possible cost. MultiTherm provides a myriad of heavy-duty designs for HVAC and process heating and cooling applications. The program covers a range of applications and materials, includes all applicable ASME standards, and is free.

System Design Simulator software from Design Services Network (part of Emerson Climate Technologies) significantly reduces design time and need for repetitive and frequent laboratory testing by predicting the steady-state heating and cooling performance of vapor compression systems in a wide range of system configurations and operational variables. The software integrates several software tools, which can be used independently or in conjunction with an intuitive, accurate, and powerful system model.

MovinCool’s Office Pro 36 portable A/C unit provides 36,000 Btuh of cooling and operates on 230V power.

Air Conditioning Units

Bard Manufacturing Company'snew "QC" chilled water air conditioner is designed to be ideal for classroom chilled water systems. An optional hot water coil is available for four-pipe applications. The "QC" also provides the flexibility of ventilation on an individual classroom basis. The Q-Tec's "Quiet Technology" delivers extremely low sound levels that allow the unit to be installed inside the structure, eliminating the need for outdoor condensing units or roof-mounted equipment. Designed to provide economical, year-round comfort, the Q-Tec provides cooling, dehumidification, and ventilation.

MultiTherm's T-Bar Unit is the company's newest product for meeting cooling and dehumidification needs. The unit fits into a 2- by 4-ft suspended ceiling panel and can save valuable space. With no outside condensers, refrigerant piping, or centralized ductwork, the T-Bar units can be installed practically anywhere: offices, computer rooms, libraries, foyers, work areas, etc. It also has side access panel that makes it very easy to service, and it offers a ceiling-to-floor cooling pattern for efficiency and comfort.

Sanyo HVAC's 24KS62R/24KLS62R ductless air conditioner features a 13.0 SEER rating and uses R-410A. The advanced microprocessor-controlled system ensures that the temperature and humidity levels in every corner of the room are always comfortable. The microprocessor control automatically adjusts fan speed to high, medium, or low, corresponding to the room sensor and maintains comfortable airflow throughout the room. Other features include dry mode for dehumidification, an anti-mold filter, air sweep control, and night setback mode for automatically raising the temperature at night to save energy.

Anvil's Gruvlok® Series 7700 butterfly valves provide a bubble-tight seal to 300 psi when closed, according to the manufacturer.

Pumps And Valves

MEPCOwill showcase its balancing valves, which are designed to accurately measure and throttle flows, allowing systems to function efficiently as designed. The unique Y-patterned globe style design of each MEPCO balancing product offers the specifier, installer, and owner the best features necessary to ensure accurate and efficient balancing of hydronic heating or cooling systems at lowest installed cost.

Patterson Pump Company will officially introduce its all-new Pro-Max® HVAC pumps line, featuring end suction pumps, designed to offer reliability and flexibility to serve all HVAC applications. The units are engineered in a high-efficiency design that minimizes energy consumption, and feature a back pullout configuration for easy access and maintenance. Their precision cast, dynamically balanced impellers minimize vibration and maximize bearing life, and their precision bearings and machining limit shaft deflection to only 0.002 in. at the seal face.

The Pivotrol® pressure powered condensate pump by Spirax Sarco, Inc. is engineered for steam system condensate recovery. The pump features an integral electronic cycle counter and PowerPivot® technology, which replaces pins and linkages with pivots that reduce friction and wear. A special damper uses the hydraulic inertia of the collected condensate to reduce mechanical shock as the valve actuators shift. The unit is self-contained and self-regulated by mechanical controls, and there are no dynamic seals, glands, or packings to fail under elevated temperature and pressure.

Anvil's Gruvlok® Series 7700 Butterfly Valves are designed for use in commercial grooved-end pipe systems and are available in sizes that meet industry requirements for virtually any application. They provide a leak-tight seal utilizing a unique constant disc-to-seat loading design, which ensures a tight bidirectional seal. The coated valve body is suitable for HVAC applications and eliminates the need for stainless, bronze, or galvanized connection options. In addition, the valves provide a bubble-tight seal to 300 psi when closed, and are rated for dead-end service to a full pressure rating of 300 psi.


Stulz-ATSwill exhibit its CyberAiR EC AC units and the CyberChill cabinets. The CyberAiR EC features a C7000 microprocessor that provides reliable precision control and monitoring of the environment, with the ability to exchange data with BMS. Systems can be expanded to up to 32 units per room without additional controls and allows for the combination of units of different size and capacity. The CyberChill cabinets are designed to cool enclosed servers, not the room, optimizing energy efficiency, with a closed loop chilled water design that extracts heat from within the cabinet.

ClimaCool® Corporation recently introduced the new FLEX SERIES High Efficiency Modular Chiller. These compact modules exceed ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency standards, delivering a COP rating of 4.91 when using only one module at full load conditions. In addition, these new modules are refrigerant-convertible and can also be mixed and matched with all current models and added to any existing installation. Should any module require maintenance or service, each module compressor, heat exchanger or electrical service can be isolated while the system and other modules continue to operate.

Carrier Corporation brings its new line of AQUASNAP™ air-cooled chillers using PURON® refrigerant (R-410a) to Orlando. The company says that only AQUASNAP chillers feature a compact, all-in-one design available with or without an integrated pumping package. Included in the hydronic package is the pump, triple-duty-valve, flow switch, strainer, pressure / temperature taps and required piping. With 22 models ranging from 60 to 390 tons, the new AQUASNAP chiller combines easy system design and installation with efficiency.

Nailor Industries Inc. offers a complete line of dampers for industrial HVAC applications.


Nailor Industries Inc.is now manufacturing a complete line of dampers for industrial HVAC applications. These high-performance, heavy-duty dampers are available for systems with pressures up to 40 in. wg and velocities up to 7,000 fpm. The new 1900 Series line of dampers includes isolation, control, and backdraft-type dampers.

Permatron's Prevent® Equipment Protection Filter is designed to protect air intakes/louvers from indoor or outdoor debris that is constantly being drawn in and clogging equipment. As contaminants settle on fin surfaces, they affect equipment's ability to maintain peak efficiency, and equipment is forced to run for longer cycle times at reduced capacity. Prevent is a custom sized, washable 3-d electrostatic media filter (available in flexible vinyl or steel framed and cut-to-fit jobsite field kits) that fits over an entire fin surface, and is affixed by a magnetic, hook/loop, or grommet attachment.

AXAIR NORTEC’s GS Series gas steam humidifier will be featured at the Expo.


Stulz-ATSwill exhibit its E-Series proportional controller for its Ultrasonic humidification line. The controller features a 4 by 20 text/graphic remote or panel display, password protected menu program with audible alarm, weekly timer with two adjustable setpoints per day, control box temperature monitoring, air velocity monitoring and control, connectivity for standalone monitoring, 100 entry time-stamped event log, and the options of low temperature humidity limiting and proportional integral control.

Vapac has launched the sixth generation of its electrode steam humidifier. The LE Series (LON Electrode) features full LONworks™ compatibility and is available in eight models from 11 lb/hr to 196 lb/hr. The LE Series is the only electrode steam humidifier available with full SSR control, giving it a turn down ratio as low as 8% of full capacity and the most precise electrode steam humidity control. The LE Series can also be equipped with Vapac's own brand duct or room-mounted sensor and accepts six standard industry control signals.

AXAIR NORTEC's GS Series gas steam humidifier features an internal drain water cooler, a scale management system to reduce cleaning intervals, and to up 630-lb/hr steam production. Meanwhile, the NHSC is a restrictive element humidifier that incorporates a patented scale management system for use in extreme water conditions, and the SETC steam exchange humidifier is suited for facilities where pressure steam is available from a boiler. The boiler steam passes through the SETC internal heat exchanger, brining the surrounding water in the tank to atmospheric clean steam vapor.


The Predator‚ MagnaDRY™ single-package rooftop unit fromYork International's Unitary Products Groupcombines the high efficiency of the Predator series with the advanced dehumidification system of the Sunline™ MagnaDRY that allows maximum dehumidification independent of the cooling load. The new unit provides high levels of moisture removal and maintains humidity levels below setpoints, regardless of outdoor temperatures, eliminating costly overcooling. The unit is suited for supermarkets, museums, libraries, hotels, and indoor swimming pools.

Dectron Inc. has introduced an air purification option to its DRY-O-TRON® Series - the HVAC industry's first combination of outside air dehumidification and gas phase air purification in one packaged unit, according to the company. The air purification option targets rare collections plus occupants of hospitals, schools, natatoriums, and other commercial buildings. Available on all units ranging from 1,000 to 50,000 cfm, the purification option enables engineers to reduce refrigeration tonnage up to 50% and specify a greater percentage of preconditioned recirculated indoor air.

The Benchmark H21J Recip reciprocating compressor from Bristol requires no starting components, according to the manufacturer.


The patentedM.K. PlasticsAxijet High Plume Exhaust System features a backward-inclined centrifugal fan for efficient, stable, quiet operation through a broad range of pressures, in constant or variable volume applications. The unique venturi nozzle entrains ambient air and creates a high velocity discharge velocity, eliminating the need for unsightly stacks. Performance is AMCA certified. FRP or epoxy coated steel construction is available in belt or direct drive. The easy and safe maintenance design meets ANSI Z9.5 and ASHRAE guidelines.

Tjernlund Products Inc. will showcase its patented CPC-3 Control that regulates fan speed for optimal draft and/or combustion air. The unit allows users to eliminate large combustion air louvers, multiple vents, and stacks, and reduces vent diameters up to 50%. Also featured will be the company's VSUB-Series blowers that vent flue gases up to 575°F or provide combustion air.

Moffitt Corporation's Hurricane™ wind-driven turbine gravity ventilator requires no electrical or maintenance costs to operate, providing a two to three year ROI. The unit also offers a low first cost because all wiring, starter, and associated electrical costs are eliminated. Due to the lightweight aluminum design, no framing is required, and the self-flashing base eliminates the cost of a curb on many applications. The unit will not allow rain or snow penetration, and the unit has been independently tested to 125 mph with no moisture penetration and no unit damage.

Spot Cooling

MovinCool'sOffice Pro 36 portable air conditioner protects against heat-related problems, especially data loss to computer and telecom equipment. The Office Pro 36 provides 36,000 Btuh of cooling and operates on 230V power. Simply attach a duct to remove the heat, and it will keep electronics operating by providing air conditioning down to 65°F. The Office Pro 36 features a programmable digital controller for automatic operation even after-hours and weekends and a two-speed fan to control airflow.

Air Purification

Steril-Aire, Inc.will exhibit two new products at the Expo. The "Fan Coil UVC Kit" is designed to provide mold and IAQ control, energy savings, and reduced maintenance. Each kit contains a UVC Emitter™ and power supply, plus all necessary components to retrofit a fancoil with UVC. The retrofit kit makes it possible to install UVC lights in some of the most difficult to maintain, yet widely used, A/C systems. Each kit contains one UVC Emitter™ and power supply, plus all the necessary hardware components to retrofit a unit ventilator with UC: two to six kits typically serve the entire coil.

United Air Specialists introduces the VisionAir™ - an effective and user-friendly solution to indoor air pollution from smoke, aerosol, dust, germs, and more. The VisionAir filters remove 99.97% of indoor irritants and pollution while a carbon filter removes unpleasant odors, producing purified air that is healthy and easy to breathe. The system is available in two models: VisionAir1 (wall-, ceiling-, or stand-mounted) and VisionAir2 (mounted on the wall or ceiling). Both fit into any interior with an unobtrusive design and quiet performance, running at a low sound level.

Continental Fan Manufacturing brings its TAPS air purifying unit to the Expo. The unit removes 5-micron particles initially but also includes a hospital-grade HEPA filter to remove microscopic allergens as small as .3 microns. Activated carbon filters eliminate toxic chemicals, while photocatalytic oxidation destroys more VOCs and odors. Finally, UV light kills germs on contact and negative ions and activated oxygen keep air fresh and clean. Users may choose from either portable or duct-mounted units to fit their application needs.

Bentax USA's line of ionization equipment will be highlighted at the company's booth. Although these products have been used successfully in Europe for more than 50 years, the technology is new to the U.S. market and recently won honorable mention from this year's AHR Expo Innovation awards. The equipment produces a controllable quantity of both positive and negative oxygen ions, which improve IAQ through the reduction of mold, bacteria, VOCs, and odors. Ions are generated utilizing a lower voltage, which avoids the production of ozone.

Sanuvox Technologies's Bio-Wall Quattro for light commercial applications is designed to treat the entire volume of air flowing over it in one single pass, and can achieve a ‘kill factor' of up to 99.9%. The Quattro includes three 18-in., high-intensity, pure fused quartz UVC germicidal lamps and one 18-in., high-intensity, pure fused quartz UVC/UVV lamp. Adjustable mounting brackets permit the lamps and reflectors to be extended up to 15 in. from the duct wall so the assembly can be positioned in the center of the ductwork, creating a radiated wall of germicidal energy up to 24-in. deep.

The V-Ray SUS™ (small unit system) product line by Ultraviolet Devices, Inc. (UVDI) has been designed to specifically meet the needs of small unit systems, e.g., fancoil units, PTACs, unit ventilators, and heat pumps. V-Ray uses a UV output system that's electronically controlled (patent pending), and which was especially configured for 3/8 in. refrigerant tube coils of four rows or less, or for other applications where UV energy may be in proximity of discharge registers, etc., that could result in line-of-site exposure to humans.

SpacePak's PurePak, a patented electronic air filtration system that helps to protect against airborne allergens, bacteria, molds, pollen, smoke, fine dust particles, and VOCs, will be displayed at the Expo. The PurePak uses a patented carbon core filtration media system that absorbs odors and conducts an electrical charge that creates the polarizing field. The air-scrubbing combination of electrostatic polarization and activated carbon is 97% effective at capturing contaminants down to .3 microns. The PurePak system is available in three sizes and controlled by a thermostat fan setting.

Other Products

Mars Air Systems,a manufacturer of air curtains and makeup air systems, will display a wide range of products from its Mars Air Doors, Dynaforce, and ARES divisions. ARES' packaged makeup air systems are designed to effectively provide comfort heating and cooling for an entire building or spot relief temperature and humidity control in difficult work areas. Air doors and curtains help maintain a clean comfortable work environment, protecting against dust, pollen, flying insects, wind, and extreme temperature conditions.

The Benchmark H21J Recip reciprocating compressor from Bristol requires no starting components, is specifically designed to optimize the performance of air conditioning systems rated 13 SEER and above, and features quiet operation. Benchmark divides its product line between the H21J Recip - which is suited for applications below 3.5 tons and the Benchmark Scroll, which is designed for larger applications.

The Fireye BurnerLogix is the next generation of single-burner controls, according to the manufacturer. Housed in a compact package having a smaller footprint, BurnerLogix offers many features and benefits for the commercial/industrial burner/boiler market.

Controlotron's unique clamp-on, non-intrusive 1010E energy meters are suited for energy distribution monitoring and the immediate analysis of energy efficiency with a real-time COP for HVAC systems. Features include real-time kW/Btuh and kW/gpm, transit time flow detection, built-in energy/Btu mode, and multiphase "Reflexor" mode to accommodate thermal energy metering and billing needs.

Selco/ECC has introduced the "Solid State Transformer" (SST) Model 399-0642 designed to replace conventional linear transformers with a highly efficient switching power supply. The SST fits a PC board transformer footprint and accepts a wide input voltage range of 75 to 305 VAC at up to 500 Hz, offering users optimum flexibility over a wide range of applications. The new SST uses much less power at no load than conventional transformers, says the company, and it provides energy savings and an improved safeguard against brownouts.

Designed for HVACR, mold prevention/remediation, and plant maintenance applications, Extech's series of psychrometers all feature simultaneous viewing of wetbulb, dewpoint, relative humidity, and air temperature in addition to various differential measurements. Each psychrometer includes protected sensors and built-in memory that can store up to 99 data points. All meters can also be field-calibrated using kit supplied calibration bottles. A built-in RS-232 interface utilizing Windows® Hyperterminal software allows downloading data to a PC for subsequent analysis.

Tekleen® filters from Automatic Filters, Inc., feature a fully automatic self-clean mechanism. They do not require any attendance and never interrupt the main flow. The filters range from 1 in. to 24 in. and are completely maintenance free, according to the company. The filters are designed to offer high-end, all stainless steel fabrication at carbon steel prices, ideal for cooling towers, chillers, condensers, spray nozzle protection, and drinking water applications.

The new Redi-Purge Model HPP-3 (Nema-4X) by Redi-Controls, Inc., extends its HPP-3 line of non-condensable purgers for high-pressure refrigerant (R-12, 22, 134a, etc.) systems allowing for corrosion-proof environment applications. Eliminating non-condensables from a refrigeration system allows for efficient operation, as industrial process cooling applications often experience decreased capacity due to non-condensable buildup. The HPP-3 Series of Redi-Purgers assist in maintaining efficient chiller operation.

Nicholson Steam Trap will introduce its universal mount steam trap technology product family consisting of the "Big Block" universal mount steam trap test station and its universal mount UMT and USBT Series thermostatic, thermodynamic, and inverted bucket steam traps. The Big Block steam trap test station combines isolation valves, test ports, a strainer, and a blowdown valve on a two-bolt universal swivel mount connection steam trap mounting block. The station operates at pressures up to 1,440 psig, temperatures to 750°F and is available in sizes 1/2 in. and 3/4 in. with NPT or socket weld connections.

Testo's TestoKool 523, a low-cost digital gauge set, lets users quickly and accurately service all A/C, refrigeration, and heat pump systems. Sensors allow for precise measurement of high and low side pressures and saturation temperatures for up to 38 built-in refrigerants. Superheat and subcooling values are calculated automatically with a line temperature probe eliminating extra steps. All readings are displayed on a backlit LCD. Troubleshoot problems with the convenient recording feature (1,000 data files), and produce professional reports with EasyKool PC software. ES