Before the holidays, we sent out the word to exhibitors at the 2001 AHR Expo: tell us about the new products you’ll have on display. The response was very good, and what follows represents a preview of products that had not been released as of last year’s show in Dallas. If you’re planning to attend, let this roundup help you plan your route around the expo’s long aisles. If you won’t be in Atlanta, then consider this a mini-summary of some new items for your inspection, all without enduring the rigors of business travel or the fatigue of tired feet.

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Armstrong's new Instantaneous Water Heater (IWH).

Boilers And Water Heaters

State Industries, Inc. (Ashland City, TN) has unveiled a new, gas-fired commercial water heater that is said to use an advanced pulse-combustion process to deliver a thermal efficiency of 95%. According to the company, the 399,900-Btu, 100-gal Century is designed to deliver as much hot water in a given period as a conventional, 78%-efficient, 80-gal, under-fired commercial unit with a Btu input of 500,000. State also cites easy monitoring; self-cleaning; and a two-pipe, power direct-vent system that draws all the air necessary from outside the building.

Meanwhile, Armstrong (Toronto) proudly announces its Instantaneous Water Heater (IWH) for domestic hot water and industrial applications. It is meant to deliver hot water on demand, without the need for storage tanks. The company says its compact system includes the heat exchanger, the system centrifugal pump (with innovative, space-saving, vertical in-line design), the electronically actuated control valve, the Aquastat high-temp limit switch, and much more. The design’s footprint occupies approximately 10 sq ft, and installation is said to be simple as well.

A.O. Smith Water Products Company (Irving, TX) has announced a significant extension of the Genesis® high-efficiency gas boiler line with six new, high-output hot water supply models and six new hydronic heating models, all ranging from 1 to 2.5 MMBtu. As with the original models, these units are ideal for medium to large domestic hot water supply and hydronic heating applications, says the manufacturer. Btu for Btu, the boiler’s space-saving design is meant to be as much as one-third smaller than other atmospheric boilers. All Genesis boilers are designed for 84% efficiency, due largely to a new, fan-assisted combustion system, much like the supercharger in a high-performance automobile.

The Series GM boiler from Peerless Heater Company (Boyertown, PA) is a cast iron, hot-water boiler for commercial applications. Available in four sizes, this natural gas, atmospheric boiler is designed for use with a conventional chimney for easy installation. Its compact footprint suits it to any single, modular, or multiple-boiler installation. Front-mounted controls allow safe operation and easy servicing. Return piping in the front and supply piping at the top/front allows installation near a wall with minimal clearance. Five- and six-section units are available with optional standing pilot ignition.

Rheem Manufacturing Company, Water Heater Division (Montgomery, AL) is expanding its commercial storage tank lineup to include ASME-certified, large-volume storage tanks. Rheem now offers 14 models ranging from 200 to 950 gal. Vertical tanks are available in both jacketed (insulated) and unjacketed (bare) configurations. All the models are glass-lined using a porcelain enameling process. ASME working pressure is rated at 125 psi, and 150 psi on the 200-gal model. All of the storage tanks are covered by the manufacturer’s five-year tank warranty.

Miura Boiler West, Inc. (Wheeling, IL) is bringing something new to the show in the form of its Miura Online Maintenance (MOM). It is programmed to predict Miura boilers’ maintenance needs from the information it reads and records every three seconds. In addition, MOM automatically calls Miura should a connected boiler go down, pinpointing which alarm has occurred and which of 28 possible culprits caused the alarm. Also, MOM’s “black box” records everything that happens in the boiler for the four seconds before shutdown. All of this information should help save hours of expensive trial-and-error troubleshooting, reducing costly service calls. MOM also allows for adjusting boiler settings remotely.

A.O. Smith Water Products Company has added six models to its Genesis gas boiler line.


API Ketema(Buffalo), a division of API Heat Transfer Inc., has added two new water-cooled packaged chiller models to its range of ACME® refrigeration products. Single-compressor ACME ESW Models are now available from 20 to 50 tons, while dual-compressor units run from 40 to 100 tons. Both models use standardized components, including the company’s new compact DXC shell-and-tube evaporator. These industrial-duty chillers are designed with flexibility in mind to accommodate a wide variety of applications such as central cooling of machinery, cooling of jacketed tanks, oil cooling, and numerous other applications where heat must be removed effectively to maintain stable operation.

Stulz of North America, Inc. (Frederick, MD) has increased the capacity on its Modular Line air conditioning systems and Modular Chiller Series to 75 tons. All are designed to fit through standard doors for easy transport, handling, and new or retrofit installation. The a/c units are designed to provide precision control of temperature and humidity in environments such as medical or telecommunications centers. Likewise, the chillers are designed to meet the exacting cooling demands of medical diagnostic equipment such as MRIs and CAT Scan systems, or any other process equipment requiring fluid cooling. The modular units allow 100% redundancy, automatic duty sharing, and standby capacity to meet peak loads.

FES Systems’ (York, PA) new G Series rotary screw compressor line hosts a variety of innovative compressor and package features, says the company. A unique rotor profile provides improved efficiency and reduced noise generation, while a service-friendly design is meant to allow quick and easy maintenance of most package components. All of these units are equipped with an advanced Micro III microprocessor control panel, with options for refrigeration system control. Units include screw compressor packages, reciprocating compressors, plate/frame and shell-and-tube heat exchangers, valves, purgers, controls, and supervisory systems.

Design modifications to Calmac Manufacturing Corporation’s (Englewood, NJ) Ice Bank (r) tanks will mean more construction and maintenance savings as well as energy savings, says the manufacturer. The Ice Bank C Models now feature modular, enclosed connections in the lid of each tank. Whether a facility needs three or thirty tanks to meet cooling requirements, the new internal headers can be easily and rapidly configured in the field without the need for additional insulation, according to the company. As a result of these internal connections, Calmac reports that these new tanks take up approximately 20% less square footage than their predecessors.

Parker Hannafin (Cleveland) has added a new line of standard steel receivers to its air conditioning and refrigeration offerings. Designed for refrigerant storage during normal operation and system pump down, Parker steel receivers allow systems to adjust to varying system conditions and loads. The line offers models with diameters from 4 to 6 in., with a maximum length of 36 in. Access valves are shipped unassembled, providing the user flexibility with universal positioning.

The new Series GM boiler from Peerless Heater Company.


DGH Systems (Lancaster, PA) is using the expo to launch its UST Series Ultimate Steam Dehumidifiers. The line will be available in direct steam discharge and steam-to-steam conversion models, with capacities up to 2,000 lbs/hr. The UST 2000 distribution manifolds are based on a completely new, patent-pending, multipipe design that uses a self-adjusting pressure variable steam outlet slot to ensure equal steam distribution in the duct under all flow conditions with no spitting of condensate, says the manufacturer. The vertical distribution manifolds are also coated with a high-tech ceramic insulation designed to reduce condensate by as much as 80%, and it is designed to reduce heat gain by the same amount.

Nortec’s (Ogdensburg, NY) GH Series gas-fired humidifier offers capacities up to 400 lbs/hr using multiple heat exchangers. Each heat exchanger is fully removable and has smooth vertical surfaces for easy cleaning, says the manufacturer. This unit also features a modulating blower and gas valve assembly to allow seamless production of steam from maximum to minimum output. The GH Series includes a built-in internal drain water cooler to ensure water is tempered before going to drain, to meet local codes. Models are available with on-off or modulation controls with full microprocessor control, and all units come ready for all connections through keylocked doors, without access to the internal cabinetry. Nortec has also just released the 2001 version of its award-winning H.E.L.P. software. In addition to the previous edition’s interactive psychrometric chart, the company has added dehumidfication tools such as summer design data and heating and cooling calculations. This broader load-sizing tool will save time and add to the existing practical capabilities of the H.E.L.P. suite, says the manufacturer.

Mee Industries, Inc. (Monrovia, CA) reports new developments in the area of its own fog nozzles, meant specifically to help improve the quality of humidification retrofits. High-pressure water is forced through the nozzles, which atomize the water into billions of quickly evaporating micro-fine fog droplets. The nozzles can be installed in air ducts or in air-handling units (ahu). In a typical hvac location, they are installed where the air velocity is less than 750 ft/min. As another advantage, the system does not require compressed air or heat to generate more than 5 million superfine fog droplets per second, and uses just 1.5 hp to atomize 1,000 lbs of water, says the manufacturer.

Rheem has expanded its commercial storage tank lineup to include large-volume tanks.


Heat Recovery Technology, Inc. (York, PA), manufacturer of the PoolPak dehumidifier line, is now introducing its fully integrated ventilation system, designed to maintain healthy and comfortable indoor environments regardless of outdoor temperatures and humidity extremes. The 100% outside-air system ranges from 1,000 to 10,000 cfm. It is said to integrate refrigeration-based cooling and dehumidification with modulated gas reheat, auxiliary gas reheat (and others), high-efficiency air filtration, heat recovery wheel, exhaust blower, and spring-isolated BAF supply blower. It is contained within a 2-in., double-wall insulated steel cabinet for rooftop or indoor mounting.

Dectron Internationale (Roswell, GA) has introduced a gas-fired boiler option for its rooftop Dry-O-Tron® dehumidifier series that provides both space heating and/or pool water heating for natatoriums. Because the factory-integrated boiler option package is certified for outdoor operation amidst wintertime extremes of -40˚F, the company says its rooftop placement saves previous natatorium mechanical room space as well as gas and water piping installation costs associated with conventional indoor pool water heaters. Dectron says that keeping the gas-fired heat exchanger out of the airstream, the boiler package eliminates the risk of premature failer as a result of corrosive chlorine residuals, or premature failure of the pool water heater due to the corrosive nature of the gas-fired burner exhaust.

Munters Corporation (Amesbury, MA) has apparently been quite busy in preparation for this year’s show, highlighting three new developments. The first is a technological improvement: a new desiccant rotor that the company says will improve desiccant dehumidification system performance by as much as 60%. This new GTR rotor will be available exclusively on the company’s new units; potential modifications to older equipment make it impractical for retrofitting existing components. The rotor is said to be so effective that many new systems can be built without precooling, thereby allowing specification with no standing water concerns. Systems using the new rotor are expected to have a smaller footprint, and the rotor can be washed with water if necessary.

Next, the company unveils TURBOfog™, a fogging system meant to increase output levels and improve the thermal efficiency of gas turbines, especially during peak power demand. The new system is designed to lower the temperature of the inlet air naturally, providing the turbine with cooler, denser air, giving a high mass flow rate and pressure ratio. This translates into increases in power output when they are needed most. Importantly, the company says TURBOfog can be mounted directly onto existing inlet houses without having to expand them, thus reducing equipment and installation costs.

The last announcement comes from Munters’ HumiCool division, concerning its DropSTOP™ droplet separator, developed to remove droplet carryover from cooling coils. It consists of a highly absorbent glass fiber-based material that has the capacity to collect 100 liters of water/cu meter of medium. By absorbing the water and draining it within its own structure, it is designed to create only half the pressure drop of a plastic profile while being 50 times more effective. That 50% pressure drop is also said to translate to a 5% to 20% drop in energy consumption.

Miura has released its online maintenance program, recording and reporting info every three seconds.


The air of new product excitement continues on the ventilation side of things.

The 8W Multi-Wing fans from Crowley Company (Burton, OH) are designed specifically for cooling applications which demand large volumes at low speed, making them suited for air-cooled condenser and cooling tower usage. The fans are available in diameters from 24 to 48 in., with four- or five-blade configurations, a cast aluminum hub, and inch or metric bores. A range of seven pitch settings between 15˚ and 45˚ in both clockwise and counterclockwise rotation is another convenience.

Hartzell Fan Inc. (Piqua, OH) is bringing its new Series O3P, backward curved centrifugal fan, packaged (belt drive). It’s manufactured in Class II construction and is available only through the company’s HRS (rotating stock) program. The line offers series from 12 to 33 in., with flow up to 29,000 cfm. Pressure up to 10 in. capability covers the full AMCA Class I and Class II performance range. Other standard features are flanged and drilled inlet and outlet connections, heavy-duty shaft and bearings, and ceramic felt shaft seal to minimize leakage.

The new mixed flow inline fans from Greenheck (Schofield, WI) have been designed to incorporate the primary advantages of both conventional axial and centrifugal fans. The manufacturer cites greater pressure capabilities than an axial fan, but higher airflow than a centrifugal unit. Additional benefits include high efficiencies and low sound levels for sound-critical applications. As with all the company’s fans, the new product includes Greenheck’s universal mounting system for horizontal or inline mounting, and bears the AMCA Sound and Air seal.

API Ketema adds two new water-cooled packaged chiller models to its range of products.


Krueger’s new DesignFlo™ architectural linear diffuser features a unique pair of pattern controllers that allow for simultaneous pattern and volume control, according to the manufacturer. The spacer design presents an airfoil profile to the supply air, reducing pressure drop as well as NC levels. In addition, the engineer has the freedom to curve DesignFlo to reflect the building design rather than restrict it.Nailor Industries, Inc. (Toronto) has announced its access floor diffuser, Model NFD, of high-impact polycarbonate material complying with UL 94-5V. Features include a removable core; a high-induction, aesthetically curved slot diffuser; low vertical projection; double-basket arrangement for full flow to shut off by turning the face; embossed open and closed positions; and three slotted legs extending from the trim ring for mounting.

McGill Airflow Corporation (Groveport, OH) has released its Duct-D-Fuser air diffusion line for hvac air distribution systems in large, open-area commercial and industrial facilities. The Type A air diffuser grilles are constructed to be flush-mounted to curved or flat surfaces. The Type SP round air diffusers are constructed of 360-degree perforated duct to provide low-throw, low-draft airflow performance. The manufacturer reports that because of their lighter weight, the Duct-D-Fuser products are easier to install and less expensive to manufacture and ship.

FabricAir, Inc. (Louisville, KY) has released its Original Series of fabric ductwork to the U.S. market. The series is round, polyester duct with Ul and NFPA 90A-1993 approval, as well as 30 years of successful applications in Europe, the manufacturer reports. Custom engineered to the specifications of hvac engineers and contractors, the product is designed to be an aesthetic, energy-efficient, and value-engineered alternative to conventional metal duct. It is available in sizes ranging from 8 to 80 in. in diameter. The company refers to resonance-free, noiseless air injection; lightweight; low installation costs; and IAQ-friendliness (the fabric is antimold and laundered easily) as other advantages.

Buffalo Air Handling (Amherst, VA) is displaying its triple-sloped drain pan, allowing for complete condensate removal according to the company. Coil racks and a monorail design feature are meant to provide ease of maintenance and removal, and full perimeter angles at shipping splits are meant to ensure easy and tight field assembly.

The Spiralmate round duct connection system has been tested up to 18 in. wg positive pressure and down to 10 in. wg negative pressure with virtually no leakage, reports Ductmate (Monongahela, PA). Spiralmate’s patented flange connection system employs no external sealant, which results in a clean appearance with reduced labor time and cost.

Maxitrol Company (Southfield, MI) has introduced its 13A15 vent protector for outdoor applications. The units protect 1⁄8-in. NPT vents from rain, snow, dust, and other foreign matter such as insects. The protectors allow sufficient airflow for normal regulator operation, and they are not vent limiting devices, should a diaphragm rupture.

Tjernlund Products, Inc. (White Bear Lake, MN) is displaying its new exterior-mount AutoDraft® variable-speed vent systems, which it says are suitable for side-wall or rooftop venting. Vent diamaters may be reduced by up to 50%, according to the manufacturer. By adding the CPC-2 constant pressure controller, the fan speed is automatically regulated, based on a user-set manifold-vent pressure, resulting in perfect draft and true energy savings. Features include easy installation, simple interlock connections, and adjustable pre- and post-purge. Makeup/combustion air blowers and exhausters can also be interlocked into a single controller, says the company.

The CB-Series economizer is the latest offering from Cambridgeport Air Systems™ (Salisbury, MA). A highlight of the product is its patent-pending, high-efficiency, curved return-air blades, according to the manufacturer. The company reports that in independent testing, pressure drop through curved blades is up to 60% less than conventional designs, thus reducing supply fan hp and utility costs. Lowering the return air pressure drop may also reduce the space pressure required to return air to the rooftop unit; high space pressure may cause exfiltration of conditioned air and cause doors to stand open. Cambridgeport says paybacks of less than one year are typical for this unit.

Stulz' has expanded its Modular Line air conditioning and chiller Series.


Delta Controls’ new BACstat™ room thermostat utilizes standard BACnet™ communications to operate as an autonomous controller or as a sensor with comfort adjustment for the new DAC and DSC Series of native BACnet application- and system-level controllers, says the company. Also, the latest ORCAview™ software release provides powerful graphical front-end integration and navigation for all BACnet products from any location with direct or Internet connectivity.

Teletrol Systems (Manchester, NH) is announcing its release of the eBuilding Facility Automation System, designed to use open, standard IT communications protocols to take advantage of Internet-based data and connectivity. Using the BACnet protocol and IT and Internet technologies, eBuilding can collect and aggregate data on building occupancy, energy usage, and equipment maintenance status from sites around the world. Everything from temperature to power consumption data is presented in standard webpage format. The Teletrol Edifice graphical programming environment mirrors typical hvac applications for quick, intuitive system setup and programming.

The WEBtalk™ product from Alerton (Redmond, WA) provides Web-based technology to the building automation industry by allowing users to access data using a Web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer™ or Netscape® Communicator. A user may view and change all system data, receive alarms directly or via e-mail, view all logged data, and see what previous operations have been performed simply by using his/her own browser.

Automated Logic Corporation (Atlanta) is currently shipping its own browser-based, remote access building control system, WebCTRL™, offering full functionality and flexibility through a standard browser. The manufacturer adopted proven open standards, such as BACnet and Java, in developing WebCTRL, it says. This is meant to provide a 100%-open architecture with the flexibility to access the system from any location, on any device, and in any language, without the need for special software or plug-ins. The product comes with the company’s Computer-Based Training (CBT) program, a comprehensive interactive tutorial.

Cimetrics, Inc. (Boston) is offering its Network Building Systems (NBS) technology, a combination of networking hardware and software systems that permit communications within various building systems and/or across multiple buildings into one central location. The BACnet protocol brings standardization to building automation networking, for cost-effective control via LAN, WAN, or Internet, says the company. The company has also released its BACnet Explorer, a Windows NT software tool that allows installers, system integrators, and service technicians to quickly commission building automation networks based on the ASHRAE BACnet protocol. The software is designed to provide users with dynamic device discovery and an interactive, user-friendly graphical display for configuring connected devices such as hvac controls, lighting devices, and fire and security systems.

Cimetrics’ final new product announcement is regarding an upgraded version of its BACnet Protocol Analyzer (BPA2), a powerful software tool for BACnet analysis and development of robust BACnet building automation networks. BPA2 runs in the DOS window under Windows NT and offers real-time capture of BACnet and non-BACnet packets, with full BACnet decoding to allow for transmission assurance and implementation. BPA2 is designed to allow users to view BACnet network traffic and debut BACnet network drivers. With appropriate interface card and driver, BPA2 can turn any Windows NT-based system into a real-time BACnet protocol and network analysis tool.

American Auto-Matrix (Export, PA) has just introduced its Evolution Series of building controls. The line is said to offer true generation-to-generation compatibility, also offering interoperability through the use of traditional AAM open protocols as well as the capability to add industry standard protocols like BACnet. A highlight of the Series is the newly developed Motor Management Technology™, meant to extend actuator life and save energy. Other features include state-of-the-art sensor technology, Motorola processors, true pixel-oriented graphical display, and improved mounting design. According to the company, AAM is the first U.S. customer to use Motorola’s newest HC 12 processor in its products.

Coactive Networks (Sausalito, CA) is releasing its Coactive Connector® 1000 2.0, designed to provide substantially higher I/O point capacity and dual control network interfaces (power line and twisted pair). It allows datalogging, alarming, and real-time remote monitoring and control to Internet-enabled systems such as security, energy management, and equipment monitoring. Its built-in Web server, along with a wide range of Connector Access software modules available, means data from these systems can be accessed from anywhere on the network, says the company.

A new utility in ProTeus II CMMS software from Eagle Technology (Mequon, WI) is designed to allow users to share information with most corporate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and supply chain software. The ERP interface (ERPI) benefits ProTeus II users by minimizing data entry, speeding up CMMS implementation, and providing data integrity. The ERPI is available with ProTeus II systems using the Oracle 7x and 8I or Microsoft SQL Server 7 databases.

FES Systems displays its new G Series rotary screw compressor line.


Therm-O-Disc, Inc. (Mansfield, OH) has introduced its new Silicon Temperature Control (STC), created to offer a solid-state approach to precise temperature control. The product is an efficient electronic thermostat designed for integrated temperature sensing and switching with greater reliability and better accuracy, the company says. The compact size of the sensor itself – about the size of a surface mount resistor – means there are no complications involved in complex design changes. And while the STS is fully compatible with microprocessors, it is not dependent on one to operate, according to the manufacturer.

Wirsbo Company (Apple Valley, MN), a manufacturer of radiant floor heating, has launched two new thermostats for use with Wirsbo Radiant Floor Heating Systems. These radiant thermostats may be installed using either five Wirsbo MVA’s or eight Wirsbo thermal actuators. Unlike most thermostats, these do not require a switch to change modes from heat to off to cooling, requiring only pressing the red or blue button to change modes.

First previewed as a prototype at last year’s show, the DVUT, indicating transmitter industrial thermometer is now available from Weiss Instruments (Holtsville, NY). Combining the company’s “solar only” industrial thermometer with a 4-20 mA temperature transmitter, this unit is meant to offer both local indication and remote access from only one pipe location. Solar-powered, the DBUT needs only 10 lux of light (less than the amount produced by a single match) to operate its 0.5-in. LCD. Dual sensors offer independent operation, and the company says that instead of installing an industrial thermometer plus a separate transmitter, users may install the DVUT using only one thermowell.

Viconics, Inc. (Montreal) is introducing a new line of user-friendly programmable and nonprogrammable, electronic PI thermostats. Featuring a simple, menu-driven, backlit LCD screen, this product can be intuitively programmed by choosing preconfigured user profiles that are stored in the thermostat’s memory, says the manufacturer. Other features include EEPROM memory, auto-changeover, and remote indoor/outdoor sensor capability. The product is offered in multistage and heat pump versions.

The Danfoss (Baltimore) 8000 Series of electronic, programmable, seven-day heat/cool thermostats are multistage and are designed for use in both conventional heat/cool and heat pump applications. The range offers all the expected features plus several levels of tamperproof security, and an easy-to-use daylight savings time change feature is also included, reports the company.

Nortec is displaying new offerings in hardware and software.


Setra Systems, Inc. (Boxborough, MA) is offering a new series of transducers and transmitters. According to the manufacturer, the Model 265 Series transducers are well-suited for static pressure and air velocity control, fan tracking, cleanroom and isolation ward pressurization, terminal box control, furnace control, and medical instrumentation applications. The unit can also be configured with a choice of voltage output, and it is temperature compensated to less than 0.033% FS/˚F of thermal error for operation from 0˚ to 150˚.

The company is also introducing its Model 267MR low-differential pressure transducer, designed for energy management systems, vav and fan control, and static duct and cleanroom pressures. Ideal for customers who need to configure on the fly, says the company, it offers up to six different pressure ranges in each transducer, reducing inventory from 20 single range units to only four.

The P4000 pressure sensor from Kavlico (Moorpark, CA) is now available in a smaller, more compact design for increased mounting flexibility. The sensor incorporates MEMS technology into an all-welded, stainless steel package capable of surviving continued exposure in the harshest of environments, says the manufacturer. The company says the P4000 is ideal for refrigerant applications (compressors, refrigerant recovery, refrigerant transportation) as well as other hydraulic applications. The sensors are available in pressure ranges of 0-100 through 0-8,000 psi absolute or sealed gauge. The unit is designed to have high overpressure capability and to withstand the pressure fluctuations and vibrations of hydraulic equipment.

Hansen Technologies (Burr Ridge, IL) is displaying its single-point level sensors and switches; these units are meant to accurately detect the presence of refrigerants at a specific point in refrigerant vessels, intercoolers, packaged chillers, and other applications. Previously available only for ammonia refrigerant, models are now available for halocarbon refrigerants including R-22, R-134a, R-404A, and R-507. They can be used to control pumps and solenoid valves, operate low- and high-level alarms, or provide a signal to plant computers for level monitoring and control. There are no moving parts in the probe to break, jam, or fail, says the company.

ONICON’s (Clearwater, FL) System-1 Btu meter is intended to provide unmatched accuracy and reliability for hydronic energy measurement applications. Individually calibrated outputs for supply and return temperatures, flow rate, energy rate, and totalized energy provide the accurate information needed for monitoring and control in central energy plants, campus chilled water and hot water loops, and energy cost allocation (tenant billing) applications, says the company. Standard features include precision-matched, solid-state temperature sensors; patented insertion turbine flow measurement technology; and individual system-wide calibration of each Btu measurement system directly traceable to NIST with certifications.

Omron (Schaumburg, IL) says its new G5Q Power PCB relay is small in size and has high-temperature and switching ratings. The relay is rated UL F, with an ambient temperature rating of 105˚C maximum, making it ideal for high-temperature applications like ovens, says the company. High isolation from coil to contact is intended to protect circuits from voltage spikes, such as a lightning strike. The G5Q is intended for the security, appliance, and hvac industries. It may be used in ovens, dishwashers, and other appliances to control such loads as fans, lights, and solenoids.

Ultratech's (Garner, NC) new fan inlet airflow measuring probe (FIAMP) is designed for jobs requiring accurate measurement of airflow through fan inlets. Lightweight and durable, FIAMP installs easily from outside the fan and is meant especially for applications where duct-type sensors cannot be used due to the lack of straight duct runs.

WIKA (Lawrenceville, GA) is introducing its OC-1 pressure transmitters and transmitters. Features include a monolithic ceramic diaphragm, integral temperature compensation circuitry, metal housing, and an accuracy of 0.50% B.S.F.L., says the company. It is available in outputs from 30 to 6,000 psi, with current or voltage signal outputs.

Mee reports new developments in its fog nozzles.

Air Curtains

In the air curtain area,Mars Air Doors (Gardena, CA) is introducing an electrically heated version of its popular Whispurr Air series. Heated air can now replace a doorway at the flip of a switch, increasing comfort during cold winter months. These models feature an ultraslim profile design, and a variable-speed motor switch provides precise control of air velocities in the field. The manufacturer says that the models’ low sound levels, accompanied by the option of electric heat, render this series the ideal air curtain for entrances of all types.

Also, Bananza Air Management Systems, Inc. (Kentwood, MI) is bringing its BCA Series/BMA Series gas, oil, and combination gas-oil-fired air heaters. The line starts with units that are basically commercial furnaces, continuing on up to units for larger commercial and industrial applications. Each unit is completely factory assembled, internally wired, and fire-tested, ready for trouble-free field installation, according to the company. The primary heat exchanger is built of high-temperature Type 400 Series stainless steel to withstand high temperature without requiring a refractory lining.

The new, improved desiccant rotor from Munters.


Venmar CES (Saskatoon, SK, Canada) is launching a new wall unit ventilator to add to its existing wall unit product line. Complete with an enthalpy wheel for outside air preconditioning, the vertical unit ventilator is ideal for ducted and nonducted applications, says the company. The system incorporates both heating and cooling options, and an integrated condensing section may also be used for heat pump applications.

The Bard (Bryan, OH) Gas/Electric II combines the benefits of gas heating and high-efficiency electric cooling with the space-saving design advantages of a wall-mounted unit, says the manufacturer. The 90% increase in heating capacity and 50% increase in cooling capacity over previous models is designed to make an ideal model for warm, moderate, or cold climate applications. The unit’s versatility is enhanced by patented factory or field-installed ventilation options, the company reports.

Indeeco (St. Louis) has introduced a new electric heater for commercial and industrial applications. These new units range in size from 3kW to 47kW, with single- or three-phase power available in 208V, 240V, or 480V. A single-point electrical hookup allows the heater, fan motor, and controls to all be connected to the same branch circuit. Besides standard controls, additional options such as three-position fan selector switches, a heater on pilot light, and a unit disconnect switch are available. All units have been design-certified and are UL listed, and the outlet grille has field-adjustable, horizontal louvers to better direct airflow, says the company.

The new Vantage® HE gas-fired, low-intensity infrared heater from Roberts-Gordon (Buffalo, NY) is specially designed for harsh or corrosive environments. With a moisture-resistant burner, aluminized tubing, vinyl-coated stainless steel flex gas connector, and stainless steel reflectors and end caps, the unit has the durability necessary to heat such environments, says the company. With vent caps at the inlet and at the flue, the negative effects of wind, rain, and chemicals are eliminated when exposed to the outside environment. The unit’s additional supports and reflectors are meant to withstand winds up to 40 mph.

Crowley Company displays its 8W Multi-Wing fans.

Flow Controls

Dodge Engineering & Controls (Chelmsford, MA) is pleased to introduce its Generation II RE Series industrial actuator. The RE offers built-in, current-limited actuation from 150 to 7,500 in.-lbs, says the company. The product features adjustable torque with speed control, NEMA 4-type enclosure, optically isolated inputs, and is available in 12vdc, 24vac, 120vac, and 230vac. In addition, the actuator is fused with a standard, knife-blade automotive fuse and has integral LED lights for easy diagnostics, and each size is 100% duty-cycle rated, according to the manufacturer.

Griswold Controls’ (Irvine, CA) Automizer is now available in coil piping packages. With an Automizer on the return side of the coil and an Isolater “S” on the supply side, the user has a complete coil hook-up with just two components, says the manufacturer. The single package is designed to provide flow limiting, equal percentage flow control, isolation, and a strainer. The product features the company’s universal mounting plate for compatibility with actuators from Johnson Controls, Invensys, Neptronic, Honeywell, Siemens, and Belimo.

Bell & Gossett (Morton Grove, IL) has expanded its line of pump controllers with the new Technovar. It features an integrated controller and AFD and control logic developed specifically for pumping applications, and the Technovar provides clear status indications and diagnostic messages in plain English (no codes to look up, with Spanish and French versions also available). The controller offers analog output for speed or P.V. indication and digital output for fault annunciation. Digital inputs provide remote-control start-stop capability, along with low suction pressure or low-level condition feedback, says the company.

Greenheck's mixed flow inline fans.

Pumps And Valves

TheBeckett Company (Irving, TX) has just announced a newly designed, replaceable check valve for its CB 15 and 20 Series pumps. This new unit will incorporate a retaining clip, rather than the threaded connection commonly found in most condensate pumps, according to the manufacturer. The new clip-on design is meant to minimize the stress on plastic components, significantly enhancing the durability and extending the life of these pumps. The pump design has also been modified to raise the check valve above the surface for easy cleaning and replacement.

The HVAC Products Division of Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. (Buffalo Grove, IL) is now offering a complete line of 2- to 12-in. electronic and pneumatic butterfly valves. These two- and three-way valves are especially intended for applications that require two-position and modulating control, such as flow control of hot water, condenser water, thermal storage systems, and steam applications. Two body styles, wafer and lug, are offered. A bidirectional adjusting stem seat is suitable for either vacuum or pressure and prevents external contamination of the entire stem area, says the company, with an extended neck also allowing adequate clearance for flanges and insulation.

Inficon (Easy Syracuse, NY) has introduced a new, two-stage, 6-cfm pump designed to allow for convenient transport, easy oil changes, and simple repair. According to the manufacturer, the pump gets the system from atmosphere to 20 microns faster than any other similar product.

The new Pacific condensate pump from EDC International (Shelton, CT) is made from a tough engineering plastic instead of ABS; flexible internal mounts and safety-sealed water compartments, with thermal overloads and a separate alarm circuit based on operating time, are only some of the new features packed into this small pump module, the manufacturer reports. The water connections are also designed to be a novel solution to space constraints, making connections faster and easier to route. Because it senses condensate water electronically, it does not need careful positioning on a flat surface, making installation all the easier, says the company.

Danfoss (Baltimore) brings several offerings to the floor this year, including its TC and TU Series thermostatic expansion valves. They are designed with air conditioning, transport cooling, and refrigeration applications in mind, for use with R-22, R-134a, R-404A/507, and R-410A refrigerants. The valves, stainless steel with bimetal ODF connections for waterless brazing, cover a capacity range from 4.5 TR (R22) to 8 TR (R22), extending the line of TU expansion valves that cover lower capacities. Light and compact due to construction from deep-drawn stainless steel, the company says, the valves are particularly suited to applications subject to vibration or with limited installation space.

InTec (San Diego) is featuring a new, compact, motorized 0-10 vdc and tristate zone globe valve line. The units are designed to be compatible with electric analog and ddc control systems, and can be used for modulating control in hot and chilled water applications such as vav reheat, fancoil, and compact ac units. The two- and three-way bodies are rated 230 psi, and they are available in sizes of 0.5-, 0.75-, and 1-in. NPT, and in various Cv’s. It can be manually operated via an external screw-on cap, says the manufacturer.

The CB-Series economizer from Cambridgeport Air Systems features a patent-pending blade design.


Ideal for single-motor hvac fans and pumps according to the company, the microprocessor-controlled electronic bypass from ABB (New Berlin, WI) is now available in a NEMA 1 or NEMA 12 configuration up to 400 hp. Integrated with ABB’s ACH 400 adjustable-speed ac drives, the bypass is designed to offer: voltage tolerance of ±30% without contractor dropout or coil failure; input power single-phase protection in both drive and bypass models; easy-to-use membrane keypad for bypass operation and status display; and selectable manual or automatic transfer from drive to bypass.

Teletrol is displaying its eBuilding Facility Automation System.

Air Measurement Tools

Alnor Instrument Company (Skokie, IL) is shipping two new carbon dioxide meters for use in evaluating indoor environment conditions. Both instruments measure from 0 to 5,000 ppm. The CompuFlow® 8610 is a simple CO2 meter using an internal NDIR sensor. One-button operation starts and stops a sample measurement. Once the reading is complete, the minimum, maximum, and average measurements (as well as the time length of the sample) can be reviewed on the display.

The CompuFlow 8650 is a more sophisticated CO2 instrument, also measuring temperature, humidity, dewpoint, and wetbulb with one probe. It is especially useful for investigating and verifying room conditions, says the manufacturer. This datalogging instrument can store over 10,000 sample points, and it is also designed to calculate the percentage of outside makeup air.

Based on 900-MHz spread-spectrum technology, Inovonics (Boulder, CO) temperature products are also frequently used in hvacr, building controls, and food safety applications. Easy installation makes it a practical choice for retrofits, structures with glass atriums, and historic buildings, says the manufacturer. Transmitters are also meant to be easily relocated to accommodate open floor plans or expansion of existing systems.

The pDR 1000AN™ airborne particulate monitor can be used as a sensor to run hvac equipment only when needed, reducing energy costs without sacrificing worker safety or comfort, says MIE, Inc. (Bedford, MA). The unit provides continuous, real-time particle concentration measurements of airborne dust, smoke, mist, and fumes. Mounted in key areas of a manufacturing plant, the unit is designed to send analog signals to hvac equipment directly or through a control unit or energy management system. Data can then be correlated with temperature and humidity readings and employee comments to determine air-quality limits within which hvac systems can be safely shut down, says MIE.

Quest Technologies, Inc. (Oconomowoc, WI) is introducing two new IAQ monitors, the aq-5000 and aq-5001. The aq-5000 is a compact, handheld IAQ monitor for surveys and long-term datalogging of IAQ indicators. It simultaneously monitors and records carbon dioxide, temperature, rh, toxic gas levels, and linear outputs from third-party sensors and analyzers. The aq-5001 does the same, but is packaged for continuous, unattended monitoring. Its lockable custom enclosure system can be checked as baggage or shipped “as is” with all sampling accessories safely stored inside. The aq-5001 can also be transformed into a handheld survey monitor whenever the need arises.

The HOBO® Thermocouple dataloggers from Onset Computer Corporation (Pocasset, MA) measure temperature with three industry-standard thermocouples and sell for less than $100, according to the manufacturer. Any Type J, K, or T thermocouple probes with standard subminiature connectors can be plugged directly into the loggers. Each logger includes cold-junction compensation, and two measurement ranges for optimal resolution and accuracy. Internal batteries eliminate the need for external power, and over 32,000 time-stamped readings can be stored to its nonvolatile memory, preserving the data even if the battery needs replacing, the company says.

Ruskin (Kansas City) announces what it says is another industry first in the form of its IAQ damper, the AMS50 air measuring station. The new assembly is engineered to give users the ability to provide their own control package to coordinate with their building automation system and set cfm requirements in the field. The company reports that the damper has been tested and certified to meet AMCA Standard 611-95 for Airflow Measurement Performance. It is designed to combine control damper and flow measurement stations in one assembly, and the standard construction includes an air strengthener section for reduced duct length requirements.

Alerton's browser-based WEBtalk* system.

Leak Detection

The Inficon Whisper Ultrasonic Leak Detector allows the user to check for pressure and vacuum leaks where other “sniffer-style” leak detectors can’t go, says the manufacturer. The product’s internal noise control circuitry is configured to allow technicians to operate Whisper in high-noise environments. The ergonomic design also gives the user the convenience of one-hand operation.

Regin HVAC Products, Inc. (Shelton, CT) is introducing a complete line of Orange Colored Smoke Emitters for leak detection of all high-, medium-, and low-pressure ductwork systems as well as for pipelines, heat exchanges, and tanks. An orange color marking pinpoints the exact spot of the leak. The units are available is four different sizes from 40 sec up to 4 min burning time for all types of applications. The smoke emitters have a 3-yr shelf life, the company says.

Coactive Networks is releasing its Coactive Connector 1000 2.0.

Heat Exchangers

Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc. (Colville, WA) has added heat pipe heat exchangers to its line of products for the air-to-air heat recovery, IAQ, and dehumidification markets. The heat pipe heat exchangers are available with options of tilt or face-and-bypass for temperature and frost control, in-line (wraparound) configuration for enhanced dehumidification, and indirect evaporative cooling. Colmac Coil makes a full range of 1-in. I.D. integral finned aluminum tube heat pipes for the commercial and industrial markets, with standard configurations up to 8 rows deep, 28 tubes high, and 20 ft long.

SWEP (Duluth, GA) is offering a new line of all-stainless, compact brazed heat exchangers (CBEs), containing no copper at all, which are designed to withstand demanding environments and corrosive media. Units are meant to effectively handle a variety of heat transfer media, including: demineralized water for electronics or microchip applications; ammonia for various food processing applications; sulfureous oils; corrosive media used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and plastics industries, and other media such as corrosive water.

A prototype at last year's show, the DVUT transmitter/thermometer is now available from Weiss Instruments.

Heat Pumps

Addison Products Company(Orlando, FL) is exhibiting its broad line of vertical and horizontal water-source product equipment. The VWY/HWY units for water loop applications feature stainless steel drain pans and capillary tube metering. The VPY/HPY equipment is designed for ground water projects, with TXV metering. And the VGY/HGY units for ground loop (geothermal) applications include a foam-insulated single wall, and copper, inner wall coaxial coil design.

Stiles Industrial (Tyler, TX), a division of Air Rover, Inc., has announced its full line of geothermal water source heat pumps using the environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant. The units have been designed to keep our environment clean and at the same time reduce power bills by as much as 70%. The new line was designed with easy installation and service in mind, and the company expects an average unit life expectancy of at least 19 years. The modular platform allows for each unit to be field converted into six different types of configurations, with choices from front/back return air and front/back/end discharge air.

MagicAire (Wichita Falls, TX) is displaying its line of terminal air conditioners and heat pumps. Features include easy-to-operate controls; freeze protection; a two-way adjustable discharge louver; standard wall thermostat interface; special corrosion protection; load shedding control capability; and internal self-diagnostic capability. The unit offers manual ventilation control up to 70 cfm, says the company.

Setra Systems, Inc. is offering its new Model 265 Series of transducers and transmitters.

IAQ Tools

Vari-Klean is the latest gas phase adsorber fromAirguard (Louisville, KY), and it is designed to be highly effective for continuous removal of low-level concentrations of airborne molecular contamination (AMC) less than 500 parts per billion (ppb). Vari-Klean media consists of a very fine granular carbon (90% activity) with 600 grams per sq meter. No postfilter is needed to prevent particle shedding often associated with carbon filters, according to the manufacturer. Two styles, standard and premium, are available, containing two levels of carbon. A header model and box construction model are also available.

Steril-Aire, Inc. (Cerritos, CA) is showing its new “Twist-Lock™ UVC Emitter™” designed for side access installations in commercial hvac systems. Specifically, it is meant for applications where access to the plenum is difficult or restricted. Using the plug at each fixture end, up to six units can be physically and electrically connected, forming a string of emitters that conveniently slides in and out of an air handler. The company offers several sizes and voltage options to accommodate almost all air handlers with the highest output and smallest footprint possible.

Permatron (Franklin Park, IL) checks in with its 2-in. DustPlus® air filter, containing a high-density, activated-carbon pack for industrial-strength jobs. The manufacturer also offers a new electronic air cleaner upgrade kit, designed to remove small particles from the air and significantly enhance the working efficiency of the electronic air cleaner without affecting the airflow requirements.

The smaller P4000 pressure sensor from Kavlico.


FloSafe (Kansas City) has announced a new line of plastic pipe and fittings for industrial use. Called Flo Clear HPC (for “High Purity Clear”), both pipe and fittings are molded from identical clear PVC resin to ensure system uniformity and consistency in clarity. The piping, which is made in accordance with FDA Title 21 and NSF Standard 61 requirements, is available in sizes from 0.5- through 6-in. and IPS sizes with “Streamline” socket style fitting configurations.

Pex-Gard™ by Perma-Pipe® (Niles, IL) is designed for fast, economical installation, due to its extremely long laying lengths and its ability to be routed around obstructions. It is available in maximum-coiled lengths from 164 to 1,180 ft, depending on pipe diameter. Appropriate applications include snow melt, district heating and cooling, domestic hot water, potable hot water, and industrial and commercial facilities. ES