The Indoor Air Quality Association(IAQA, Kensington, MD) a professional society whose members investigate and remediate indoor environmental problems, recently applauded a announcement made by the Office of the Attorney General of Texas that it had filed suit against a mold remediation company, Mold Restoration, Inc. (MRI), operating in Texas.

IAQA stated that the decision underscores the need to implement mandates and accreditation for remediation companies. MRI is a company often recommended by insurance companies to homeowners when mold clean up is required. While the Attorney General of Texas does acknowledge there are remediation companies that provide effective and professional services, MRI, according to court documents, is not one of them. According to the suit, MRI committed many violations, including: Failure to perform work in accordance with cleanup guidelines under their contracts with consumers, while still charging them for the work; Not properly protecting residents’ belongings to prevent mold recontamination, such as placing contents in sealed “clean” rooms; and Charging for expensive equipment and protective gear that was never used, such as required “air scrubbers” and dehumidifiers designed to remove harmful spores from the air.